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Hello Boston
Ah ha, part two of the camera duel from the Day 1 batch
Goran hasn't quite gotten a hang of the autofocus points. Hi John
Owen playing some smash.. and my various camera gear
The bus was boring
Goran thought this was Beany! But it was not, so it's extra creepy
Broken window?
Construction equipment!
The rare triple umlaut
Sketchy-ass valet
What's up with the C?
Boston was cold
The main expo floor!
Nerds everywhere
Monster Hunter crazies
Goran was all about the Soda Drinker Pro guys
Is the guy in the front conducting?
Goran found this Half Life 3 disc and didn't even take it!
The expo floor is pretty cool
So many little booths
It really puts the anime cons in perspective
This theater is gigantic! I am on the edge of it!
Goran's lunch?
Whoa, this photo came out pretty cool
The blue hair is on its last legs
Puyo Puyo Tetris!
I think this was the first photo in Topaz's group of photos
Starting off right by shooting Mirabella!
Topaz liked the wide angle lens but did not get to keep it
I looked at the posters from Supergiant so I could find something for Bryce
Which one did I get? It's a mystery!
Bastion is not bad
Whoa. That is a lot of mini figures
I'm assuming this is another League controller
Hi Goran
Loafing around in the hallways
I bet Brian was doing a lot of streetpassing
I'm not sure who these panelists are
Probably more League stuff. So much League stuff.
The catwalk is a great place to take photos of the expo floor
Neat structures
These guys are big fans of Princess Celestia
Brian wants the crazy triangle computer
Creepy aliens
Lots of hardware in the sky
Beanbag town is comfy!
You are viewing images from 03/08/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 47 pictures.
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