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Jefferson's wallet puts even George Costanza to shame
Hey Jefferson!
Boston has some nice skyscrapers. And since they're not all packed on top of each other you can actually see them!
Glad to see the triangular banner is still a thing
Registration braces themselves for the storm
Good luck, guys
Last minute sign preparations
Radio Ops has a lot of work at the very start and end of the con.. also the rest of the con
Tech Ops!
Mike Lee's equipment corner
Main Events is coming together
I love the tri-screen setup
I wonder how long it took to set this up
Looks nearly ready to go!
These guys run the show here in Main Events
Camera platform
Tech Ops people are the most helpful epople
Signs drying everywhere!
Hey I know that logo
So empty..
Mystery boxes?
Look out for Godzilla
Hall D needs a little more work than Main Events
Nice.. elephant?
Chair army
Meanwhile, back in Main Events..
Behind the screen there's even more gear!
What is all this stuff?
Anime Boston's LED strip is a little bigger than mine
So many radios!
The Dealers Room is coming together too
My people!
Wandering through back hallways trying to find the loading dock
One fresh case of anime
Moving some stuff
Moving lots of stuff
Ready to move some stuff?
Pick up that stuff!
That's a big stuff!
Who loves moving stuff??
These things are a lot lighter than they look
No not really, we're just super strong
I have no idea what this is
Flipping more boxes
This guy actually does this for a job and was pretty good about not mercilessly mocking us
Bolting together the trusses
Do a good job!
This box was just full of Magic cards!
These things hang on the trusses
Attaching clamp things
Everyone grab a light or whatever
Boxes are convenient truss-holders
These cables are backups for the clamps
Moving boxes
This guy was another one of the pros. He was.. unique. Pretty cool dude though
Giant inter-speaker connectors
Attaching stuff to the truss
How do you attach speakers to trusses?
Lots of stuff go on these trusses
JDI guy supervises
Lots of heavy connectors
For heavy gear!
Sitting under this made me nervous
Lights, speakers, lots of stuff
Be one with the equipment
Got to do a good job so stuff doesn't fall off..
Giant cables now!
So many laptops.. this is how the sign system works. Seems like overkill..
Prepping the Anime Boston blimp
Time for a 3DS break
Mike Lee never rests
Security guys on the loose
This seat reserved for squids
Here comes the blimp!
So many staffers
Of course, Tech had to step in and fix the audio setup
Our Ombudsman is a special fairy
Mike Lee does his version of a pep talk
Ready to go!
First cosplay of the year! Nice Kirito
Weird shots as the elevator doors close
You are viewing images from 04/02/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 87 pictures.
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