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Everyone learn your schedule
Kiki! My favorite Ghibli character
Whoa. This is intense
Metal Gear crew!
Too many Zubats
Kirito and Asuna
Freddie.. Mercury?
Male Robin is still Robin which makes this guy cool
These guys did a great job and stayed in character
Nice costume! Too bad about the snowman
Spy vs Spy!
Nice sword, Lucina. I mean Marth. I mean Lucina.
Kaji and Misato!
That is some intimidating hardware, Madoka people
Nice quiet corner for catching up on the internet
Sign debugging
These guys did a great panel on performing music for anime
They actually did the score to several shows
Guitars are fun
They couldn't easily bring all the drums, so the percussion guy just went to town on a guitar case
I don't know how they play these things with no frets or indicators..
I played violin a little in 3rd grade. It's hard.
Go guitar guy go
Violin guy's having fun
Guitar guy broke out of the hospital to do this panel. He's crazy.
Other guitar guy doesn't have any cool hospital story
A cello is like a giant violin, right?
Let the panel begin
More music!
Drum guy won't let a lack of drums hold him back
Josh will be mad at me for not knowing which Zelda characters these are
Don't make eye contact!
Vash dances his way through the Dealer's Room
Snake snaps a selfie with.. most of Dragon Ball Z
Awesome cosplay group!
So many posters
Scout and Heavy!
Haha, this Unit 02 is cool but its expression made me laugh
The Hynes isn't beating around the bush anymore. They know their audience
I haven't even played Five Nights at Freddie's and I don't like this
Cool lightup wings
Awesome pony cosplay group!
A classic
Josh loves burritos
"They got the marker on my burrito!
The hotel had a fire alarm while I was trying to take a nap
Ugly buildings
Beany's heeeere!
And she's excited!!
Spiffy camera
Whoa, what's up with your eyes
Anime Boston banner!
Beany is a lady of many faces
Such as this one
She also draws them
The local bars know their audience
This cat lives in a wine shop!
This wine shop
Beany likes socks
This is the novelization... of Equestria Girls
This is a pretty great t-shirt
Well that was fun
Camera duel!
Ahh! Flash!
Ladies and gentlemen.. Jefferson.
There was an unusual number of wrestling cosplayers this year
The Japanese band was pretty cool
I just stuck around for a few minutes
Nothing more permanent than a lock on a chain link fence
Suz is having a rough night
Josh isn't
This is Beany when she doesn't make a crazy face at the last second
Where did these choco pies come from??
You are viewing images from 04/03/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 79 pictures.
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