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This is what happens if you give anime nerds a pen and paper
Tsk tsk
Whoa, Anime Boston has pretty cool trophies
Captain(s) America!
Matt the Mat made me an awesome Americano!
Coffee magic
Blair posing in the hallway
I caught A-chan at a bad time as she came back for lunch, but she still posed for me!
Ahhh!! Don't catch him!
Hall D, you've changed!
Yikes, I don't want that job. And watch your head..
Putting the trusses away
It looks so empty!
Careful when taking the screen down
Don't let it touch the floor!
Laying a tarp down to make screen folding easier
Fold it a few times and it'll fit no problem
So many cables on this truss
Scaffolding pieces
Strap it all together so it doesn't fall apart
Still a few cosplayers around!
Packing up another room
The ol' ball of gaffer tape
A rare moment to rest as we wait for orders from Tech Ops
Nothing is more relaxing than teardown
I love anima!
I thought my camera glitched out at first, but no, that is a microphone windshield thing on his nose
Everyone listen!
It's weird seeing so many people lying around Tech Ops
Just a testament to how far ahead of schedule we were!
Hi Andyi!
I made some origami while on shift..
Nice headband
Bo! Or was it Beau? Who knows
Coordinating teardown is a tough job
How do you tear a screen down without breaking it?
First, get way too many bored staffers
Then stand around and take pictures while other people do it!
The screen material is very sensitive
This looks safe
There was quite a line for the cargo elevator
Where's that box going?
Where are those boxes going??
It's all going to the staging area and then the truck
This year's program guide
Jefferson's enjoying his new 3ds
Until he got caught up in this dramatic reenactment
Time to tell stories of cons of the past and wait for the dead dog to start
Mike Lee comes back for his usually more upbeat post-con pep talk. Good job everyone!
The Dude abides
Dead Dog!
It's pretty much like any other big party except there are more anime things around
My Little Alley: Bowling is Magic?
I love this game.. whatever it's called
Skeeball is hard
One last look around..
See you all next year!
Jefferson likes the C table
You are viewing images from 04/05/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 60 pictures.
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