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Kate is ready to tear up some cars
"You ready to take some pictures?"
Nice looking vehicles
Let's hope you never have to see this coming for you!
Kate with her ambulance
Whoa, hi there
Beep, beep, beep
The crew starts suiting up for the training exercise
Kate isn't participating tonight, but she'll still be keeping an eye on things!
The back of the ambulance
Gotta get your reflective gear on
I accidentally took a really spooky photo of the empty ambulance
Emergency squad!
This is where Kate lives
Getting the light truck into position
Performing the last rites for the doomed cars
I think JR is ready to tear up some cars
The light truck is in position!
A little rain never hurt nobody
Doyle and Kory are ready to get started
Having fun, Dave?
Kory gets thing started
The rain was a hassle but it certainly added a certain flair to the photos
"So here's how you tear up a car.."
Gathering around to go over the plan
"And then we get the giant scissors.."
Everyone's so serious and Topaz is just being a goober
Emergency rescue is serious business
Apparently they do this every time they arrive at an accident. The wood keeps the car stable
Swarming around the car
The car's nearly stable, almost time to start cutting
Don't mind me..
Getting stuff done at night!
Kate and Topaz watch the proceedings
Derek says "oh stop"
Running in for a closeup
These windows have got to go
Breaking windows in the rain
Gotta remove the windows before you can cut the posts
Is this the official procedure?
Kory doesn't care about rain
I bet those jackets are waterproof.. unlike mine
Hi Scott
The smashinator!
I'm not sure what's happening here. I think they're taking the windshield off
Getting stuff done!
Poor car
Nice windshield you've got there
Getting to work on the door
JR, what've you got there?
Oh, it's an enormous pair of hydraulic pliers. No big deal
Nicole is having fun in the rain
JR's got some giant scissors and he knows how to use them
Getting a little rainy
Who needs windows anyway. It's so breezy now!
It's really raining now
EMS people are pretty cool
Too dark even for the mighty truck light!
Gather round for a story about Eden Rescue Squad
Cutting cars up is tricky
Is it normal for a door to do that?
Haven't you done enough to this poor car?
Holy crap, this is an intense tool
Giant scissors!
This car has seen better days
Pile o doors
Picking the car apart piece by piece
Shine the light here, please
Eric looks so tired
And away goes the door!
Insert convertible joke here
The last.. car supper?
Something tells me this isn't the first time Dave and Kenny have done this before
A pretty normal night for Kate
The team seems to be doing pretty well so far
It takes a lot of people to cut up a car
These guys are pretty proud of themselves
Take it for a spin!
How do you simulate dealing with a rolled car? Roll the car!
Part two of the night.. extracting people from a car on its side
Car One is not having a good night
This used to be the B-post
This car is sideways
Nice suspension
Check the supports..
What's under here?
This is how they keep the car from tipping over further
Eden Rescue!
Time to start packing up some of the tools
What's the hammer for??
These guys really hate windshields
Windshield be gone!
Drag it away
Eric's got the giant hydraulic tools now!
Commence cutting!
That's a big hat
This tool looks so easy to handle
Taking a look inside
And another roof is gone!
Now it's really easy to get the people out!
This looks like everyone is having so much fun
This car looks so weird
Sweep up the glass
Retrieving the support straps
Time to take the supports down
Car One is still looking pretty rough
It's a tough job, EMS
But someone's got to do it
Packing up!
I think I've been spotted
Say cheese!
Good work, guys!
Knocking the car back over
You can't really tell but the car is bouncing here. Check out the glass flying around
Sweep sweep sweep
Eric wears many hats
There, good as new!
Time for some glamor shots of the EMS gear
Kate gets the Ambulance ready
Eden EMS: Ready to save your ass at a moment's notice
Good looking crew
Kate's coming to save you!
Master driver Kate
Time to relax with beer and food
Mmm, pizza
Kate had a fun night
Well earned pizza
And that was that!
You are viewing images from 04/16/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 130 pictures.
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