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Josh is excited to play with my old camera
Hey guys, you're not allowed on the tracks
Wide angle!
Suz is ready for some photography
New York is confusing
This is a funny sign. Be careful with moving fences!
Getting closer to our destination: some sort of flea market thing
Sadboy is sad.. but he has a sticker of the Nurburgring on his car, so that's cool
Empire City?
Not so bad, as alleyways go
I like to think these are COPV tanks for rockets
Some ugly chandeliers
Eric and Jenny have a tent!
Who wants some chicken wings
I think Josh and Suz do
Eric fries up some wings
Let's all take pictures at once
Lots of weird little tents
Suz wants her chicken now
That looks pretty good
Josh is very serious about chicken
Mmm, curry
Secret sauce?
Suz is all about weird little food fairs
Just none and I'm done
Suz is dissatisfied with the clothing options
Handing out some food
Oh man I hate my diet
Fun wooden signs
Let's walk along the waterfront!
Suz snaps a few shots
Hi Suz
Nice truck
Good ol.. urban.. ness.
Hey it's the UN
It's a nice day to look around
Scary hole
The east side of Manhattan
Looking down the waterfront
Josh is ready to take some pictures
Ever since the asylum let Josh carry his little friend around his treatment has been going much smoother
Link isn't sure about the UN
Nice day out
Link also isn't sure about hexagons
Josh stages his photoshoot
"Does this.. does this look alright?"
Double stinkface
Suz is feeling strong from her chicken wings
A nice shot of Josh for him to use on the internets
Not really sure what the foot thing is all about
Suz is a New York girl
Suz is having a good time even if her hair is trying to escape
Oh god, it's on the loose!!
It's OK
Hi Josh
Yeah, this photo isn't going anywhere soon
Photos are funny
Link isn't sure about this pocket
Is this pretzel cookie going to be good?
Seems like it
Link isn't sure about beer
Facetime with Beany!
Whoa, hi Josh
Suz likes beer
"Stop taking pictures of me!"
Suz is tired now
Hoodies are fun
Suz's hair is completely out of control
Now she is a celeb
Here's where Five Pointz used to be
You are viewing images from 04/25/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 73 pictures.
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