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Tyler is serious about his drone flying hobby
Look at all this gear!
The big hexacopter. Watch out for the carbon fiber blades!
It has a tiny camera for first person flying
The slightly less intimidating quadcopter, also fitted with a camera
Is it balanced?
And away goes the quadcopter!
That knob on a pole is the antenna for the FPV camera
We weren't the only aircraft around..
Making adjustments to the quad
Spiffy sunglasses, Tyler
Tyler's boss Gavin also has a quadcopter with.. interesting landing gear
The large landing gear is to make room for the movable camera mount
Another remote control vehicle!
It was really hauling ass
Away it goes!
I guess even RC cars are tough to pilot
Tyler is ready to fly his quad in first person.. or travel into the future
Tyler is on board.. in spirit
Whatcha lookin at?
Steep bank!
Very dynamic flying
Hey don't look at me
It's a complicated machine
Time for the big hex
Is the video working?
Ready for takeoff
Test the controls
And we're off!
This one is considerably heavier and more powerful
It sure looks cool
Landing again
Spotting the hex through the trees
Flying high
Strafing the field
Getting some altitude!
A glimpse into the menacing drone-filled future
Look at all the gear on this compact little device
Hi there!
This is what we look ed like
Gavin's quad takes flight!
Try again!
There we go, much better
Shooting video wherever he wants
One problem with these devices is they attract a lot of attention from kids
Haulin' ass!
Coming back around
Aaaand then I tried to pick up the quad without turning it off and sliced my hand all up. Whoops! Still lots of fun.
You are viewing images from 05/02/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 51 pictures.
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