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The bowling alley under the office was getting a bunch of arcade machines delivered
17th st
Never ending urban canyons
Nice stylized number
Nice hat, ice cream dude
Suz is here!
Here it is.. the laptop Suz has been eyeing
It's pretty slick. I have some concerns, but it's not bad other than the lack of USB ports
Wanna buy anything?
Fette Sau for Suz's birthday!
As usual we got a mountain of food
Beany came to visit!
Tom and Charlie discussing.. jars of beer?
Suz and Beany!
Matt likes jars of beer
Ready to take this party on the road?
Let's take awkward photos!
The QA life is a hard one
Ready to go?
Charlie seems.. shocked about this bar
That's a big cup, Suz
Beany stinkface!
Charlie likes beer
Also ninja turtles
Hi Andy
WHOA, hi Andy!
What a fancy drink. It has TWO umbrellas
Suz gets to work on her giant drink
What's up, Charlie
What's Bloo drinking?
You've made so little progress on that giant drink!
Whoa, Matt also has a giant drink
Everyone has giant drinks!
Not Josh
Hanging out is fun
Beany got some sort of milkshake-like thing
What is that face, Suz?
Andy eating a ghost burger?
Hi beany
Too close to Suz's face
Beany's all about weird faces today
Josh got some gross pickled eggs
Yeecch! A pickleback!
There are wood ships and there are good ships..
Josh somehow knocked over a drink in a way that catapulted it onto the ceiling
Also all over Helen
Josh eats the toy inside a Kinder egg.. or that pickled egg
Poor Helen really got nailed by that flying drink. It was insane.
Beany made me a Daniel Ricciardo plush! My favorite F1 driver!
Oh boy, this is going to be fun.. I like Beany's avatar
Group video games!
Hi Suz
Bloo is ready to draw
CJ can't even believe what she's seeing
Suz and Beany hung out with me on the floor
The couch crew
"You playing or what?"
Suz digs in the gift bag to find out what I got her
It's a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8! The nifty fifty!
"For meee?"
Guess which one I submitted
Parties at Suz's house are fun
Beany doesn't know how to react to cameras
CJ and Andy like games
Just fun overall
No Suz, you can't have my Ricciardo
Drunkenly taking photos in the taxi
This is not a good way to handle a camera. Especially while drunk.
You are viewing images from 05/16/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 70 pictures.
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