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Man. I remember trees
This dog knows how to live
I missed wide open space
Cool bridges
Trees and water!
I need to move to New Hampshire
Actually this might be Vermont
I wore my fancy new watch which includes an altimeter. Got some altitude! The temperature is inaccurate cause it's on my write
Hi Tony!
Tony's good friend who we'll be calling PB to maintain his internet anonymity. Cool dude, that PB
Whoa. This is apparently a phone. I didn't try it to see if it works
This place is amazing. Great choice, PB
I gave Tony a book on how the Romans thought about ghosts. The most Tony book in existence.
Let's go on a walk around the cabin
This place is so great
Lots of wood to burn
Nice seats on the dock to the lake
Living in New York City is really making me appreciate nature more
No one ever ended up swimming out to that platform
The floating platform
This place really buoys my spirit
PB had some kind of awesome "buffalo grass" based drink. It was dangerously tasty
Bryce is directing the movie based on this weekend
PB starts prepping some burgers
Turns out he was a pretty solid cook
It's not a party until we get some Wii frisbee golf going
Brett finally made it!
Time to start eating, of course
Let's play Magic!
PB doesn't really know how to play Magic
Stink-face Brett
Bryce is in his element. He loves Magic
Tony's just having fun all over
Brett took this photo.. can you tell?
How Tony reacts to losing
Blech, I need a haircut or.. something
Nice egg sheet
Whoa, settle down there Tony
Breakfast is barely over and it's already time to start the ribs. Slow cooking!
Yesss, look at all that smoke
Pineapples are weird
Brett checks out the dock
Don't jump, Tony!
Nice dock
Brett agrees
I think Tony is having a good time
Also Brett and PB
I like Bryce's shades
Let's get a fire going
Gonna need lots of wood
Bryce likes fire
Looking good, PB
Eagle scout Tony
Hey man, whatever, man
I like this picture of Brett
This is apparently photogenic Brett weekend
Also Bryce
Nothing like a little day fire and day drinking
Tony agrees
We just sort of stared at it for a little bit
Brett beat me in ping pong. It was a terrible defeat
Nice window!
"How was ping pong?"
Bryce and Brett walking back from the game cabin
Don't accept any packages from Bryce..
Bryce is all about fire safety
The ribs are ready!
Tony had some sort of crazy Roman game
Agave Caesar!
Tony Augustus?
PB didn't get it
"This comes into play tapped." "Tony, that's a sorcery... you're cut off."
"Shut uppa you face"
You are viewing images from 05/24/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 77 pictures.
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