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James looks like he was kidnapped
Topaz is really excited
Hey it's that place I want to go to!
I still have never been to the Astronaut Hall of Fame.. and that didn't change this year! Someday..
This stupid bridge wants to make me wait just a little bit longer
The VAB!!
I like this Commercial Crew banner
Great shot of the ISS, though I don't think it actually flies all crooked like that
Topaz is dual wielding both his personal camera and my camera
NASA: where even the drainage ditches are over-engineered. Those are water baffles!
I am so ready for this day.
I made Topaz sit in all the capsules
I really hope this guy has some sort of cooling system in there
That fake Orion capsule is still sitting around
It was funny watching Topaz slowly grasp the scale of the mockup shuttle stack. Without depth perception he had to walk right up to it.
"This SRB is gigantic!"
Looking up at the bottom of the external tank
Well hello there
It's been too long since I visited my old friend Atlantis
Topaz was suitably impressed
I can never have enough photos of me standing in front of spacecraft
She's beautiful!
I also can never have enough photos of spacecraft in general
A closer shot of the RCS system
The wide angle lens I borrowed this year really came in handy
She's got a big nose but she wears it well
This is where the front nose gear comes out
Atlantis is displayed in the on-orbit configuration. Payload bay doors open, RMS extended, the works
This guy worked on the shuttle for decades! It's always great to pick the brains of the experts NASA has on hand
The Space Shuttle Main Engine is one of the most efficient engines ever created
Baby got back?
Topaz finds the life of a shuttle commander so dull
I really can't get enough of how gorgeous this vehicle is
Topaz too
Who wants a thermal protection system rub?
Topaz had fun spinning this tire from the last ever shuttle flight. It was the nose gear for STS-135
Astronaut Jerry Ross! He's flown on seven shuttle missions and performed nine spacewalks!
And now we're best friends
Also Topaz
Suz! What are you doing here??
You are viewing images from 06/06/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 42 pictures.
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