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The bus to the launch pads
Paul was a pretty great tour guide
All temporary badged birds
The security checkpoint leading to the Kennedy Space Center proper, not just the visitor complex
Neat satellite dish
Space Launch Complex 40! This is where SpaceX launches Falcon 9s from
SLC-41 with a vehicle assembly building next to it
The VAB for SLC-37. You can see a Delta IV being assembled inside!
The big VAB looms in the background
Various support buildings in between our road and SLC-40
The KSC VAB, with the mobile launcher for SLS in the background
From this angle we can see into the new SpaceX hangar at LC-39A
Luckily, the rain kept away from us even if it did threaten us all day
I think Topaz is having a good time
Back to the bus? So soon?
Posing in front of SLC-40
This is a bad picture of this bird but Topaz liked it so I guess here it is
We also drove around the Industrial Area a bit
Looks pretty industrial
Some neat valves and stuff outside the cryo test lab
If I remember correctly, this is the building where the Orion test vehicle was housed
It's so awesome seeing the VAB peeking up over the trees
Paul was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. A perfect tour guide!
We're going towards the VAB!
The Orbiter Processing Facilities, where the shuttles used to live! Now they're being used by other aerospace companies and organizations
The SLS MLP. Tired of acronyms yet?
This is a cool sign
We're on the Saturn Causeway!
The old shuttle mobile launch platform and crawler, backed off from LC-39A at the request of SpaceX who didn't want it
The always impressive treads of the crawler
MLP 2?
Pieces of LC-39B, I believe
It turns out the road to Pad B was washed out a few days earlier so we got to go to Pad A and see what SpaceX has been up to!
It's the new SpaceX hangar! Nearly complete but still not adorned with the SpaceX logo
The FSS and RSS of LC-39A, left in place by SpaceX
Lots of activity. By the time I got home from Florida that horizontal beam was already dismantled
Let's take a peek inside the new hangar!
Hey SpaceX, the logo on your security truck has the wrong aspect ratio!
The fixed service structure, left in place by SpaceX. It will later be modified to support their launches
They're even repainting the water tower
The rotating service structure will also be left in place until they need to get rid of it. It's expensive to remove giant metal structures!
Another angle of this amazing historical structure
Nooo, we're going further away!
Topaz snaps a few photos. Appropriate since we are at the A/B camera site!
The VAB as seen from the A/B camera site
We couldn't visit LC-39B but we could still see it from the camera site
It's hot and humid, but it's pretty
Looking back towards the bus and the VAB
Posing with LC-39A again. A year later and a few pounds lighter
Topaz thinks launchpads are neat
This is every mission that launched from LC39-A!
I don't have as many pictures of me on this trip.. but rest assured my smile was just as big the whole time
Whoa! They painted an American flag on the side of the SpaceX hangar! That wasn't there a few days ago!
Hello, SpaceX construction man
Please enjoy this out of focus photo of whatever that is inside the SpaceX hangar
Another view of the crawler and MLP
Now onwards.. to the VAB!
You are viewing images from 06/06/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 59 pictures.
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