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I'm pretty sure I have like 20 photos similar to this one but I don't care. It never gets old
I love seeing how the landing gear fits in
Insert belly rub joke here
We got to touch samples of the thermal blankets! Not flown samples of course, but wow!
I want to make a bed out of it.. it was tough but squishy and sort of soft
An unflown tile from the belly of the orbiter
Not only is this external tank foam, it's attached to a sample of external tank metal so you can get a sense of the challenge of insulating it
Beta cloth! This is what the outer layer of space suits are made out of
Of course, I can't not take another whole batch of photos of the payload bay
This OMS pod has clearly put some years of service in
This is where the fuel, oxygen, and various other goodies enter the orbiter (and the external tank!)
The worm logo is cool but I still prefer the so called "meatball" NASA insignia
So much texture on those thermal blankets
The payload bay door also serve as radiators so it's very important they open and close properly!
The RCS thrusters look small compared to the overall orbiter but they're pretty sizable
Rockets big and small. In this show you see RCS, OMS, and SSME
Those SSME engines are beasts
Anyone in there?
It's almost like the view from the SRBs when they separate
You can almost imagine it in flight
This is.. an awkward little area
So many tiles..
Looking back at the body flap
That whole structure mounted to the aft portion of the payload bay is the airlock and docking mechanism
This is where the shuttle docks with the ISS or Mir
I'm not sure what all these cables do..
I believe this is part of the mechanism that holds the payload bay doors closed
A nice big Atlantis panorama
Topaz was surprised at how enormous the Hubble is
Moving on to the front of the vehicle..
I can peek inside! Those are actual controls in the flight deck!
Looking in the flight deck windows
I want to flip those switches..
This shot almost looks like it was actually taken in space!
I love all the little details that add to the distinctive look. Stuff like that "danger" sign or the writing on the tiles never really register to the eye but when they're missing you know
The rear of the payload bay. Good flag placement for photos!
I believe this is the actual external tank vent hood (aka "beanie cap"). It pulled away excess gases as the shuttle sat on the pad
Looking up the left wing of Atlantis
The vehicle is so enormous
Looking up at the body flap from below
Well.. this is intriguing!
I couldn't quite fit the whole vehicle.. but it's still a nice shot!
You are viewing images from 06/07/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 44 pictures.
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