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Topaz is pretty pumped
Our tour guide for the LCC is John
Oh man, here we are
This VAB is a lot smaller
One flag for each orbiter
This is where the tour gets serious
I'm not so sure about the font selection but this is pretty awesome
Wow, one mounted patch for each manned mission launched from the KSC
John spent a while talking about the layout of KSC and Cape Canaveral, using the convenient high resolution satellite image
Whoa, cool mural
Some old LCC gear!
A "naked" version of those shuttles I keep seeing all around
A lot of history up on this wall
That's my shuttle mission!
There were two plaques that didn't have a landing date.. sobering.
This looks like Apollo-era gear
I had fun pressing all the switches once it was made clear we were allowed to
These panels are so cool
Haha, audio bird deterrent system.. "mmmBIRD!"
Everyone pile into the elevator!
It's a little hard to read the door but it says "The greatest launch team in the world enters through these doors."
Peeking in through the window of Firing Room 4
This is Firing Room 3, which isn't normally used so they often shoot films in here.. such as Armageddon!
We're in the Firing Room!
This is where VIPs and folks like that hang out
Whoa, quite a view. It's funny but I keep thinking of the scene in Contact when all that dust hits the windows
This view looking down towards 39-A is amaaaazing
Lots of procedures books.. but they were fake
These are the actual launch control consoles!
I had to get a self portrait in the LCC firing room..
In fact I had to get two
I also had to get one with this amazing view out the window
This is where the PAO sits. He's the voice you hear talking over the launches
A panorama looking down on the next set of consoles
Lots of phones
Some pretty awesome stuff happened here
Neat map
No communication!
There are a LOT of phones in the LCC
I really wanted to sit in one of the chairs but we weren't allowed
Maps, monitors, buttons, all over
All the binders behind the chairs have manuals, procedures, maps, etc
I found this behind one of the shelves
Lots of emergency buttons
We also got a surprise visit to 39-A again! Here's a nice shot of the ramp leading up to the launchpad
Looking up the ramp through the SpaceX HIF
Whoa!! We caught them in the act of painting the SpaceX logo!
It's a pretty big logo
I see you, SpaceX
Still no door on the pad side of the HIF
The old and the new in one shot
What's this thing with a million wheels in the horizontal integration facility?
One more look up the ramp to 39-A
Hey that's the LCC where we just were! The windows I was looking out are on the left
Mobile launch platform with no crawler!
A new angle on the VAB
You are viewing images from 06/07/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 58 pictures.
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