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Not so fast when he's sleepy
This train is a fun ride
I love cable cars because you can get really great photos from them
Cheetah Hunt flies off into the distance
SheiKra awaits
People having fun on Cheetah Hunt
The drop tower looms in the distance
James loves rides
A water ride would be alright in this heat
Hi James
We had James take the car ahead of us so I could take photos of him in the air
What's over there?
Some sort of... mammal.
SheiKra is pretty photogenic
Cheetah Hunt has this fun little dip
Roller coaster!
Hunt those cheetahs!
Lions are sleepy
So are lionesses
This guy looks fast
This guy looks freaked out
Montu flies by
Giraffes are tall
Flamingos are weird
This tortoise is probably as old as the country or something crazy like that
James is attacked by a vicious hippo
Some woman's funnel cake was attacked by vicious birds
James couldn't wear his glasses on the drop tower
So tall!
James is having fun though
I love roller coasters, can't you tell
The coaster train scoops up a bunch of water as it goes by
I'm touching a kangaroo!
Kangaroos are lazy
Whoa.. thanks, sign
We're at the beach! Check out this giant inflatable slide!
Walking out on to the pier in Tampa
Welcome to the Gulf of Mexico
It's a pretty nice beach
I levitated over the water to get this photo
Weird tattoo, dolphin
I can't escape Pier 60!
I can see why people like it here but there's too much sun for me
James takes his photo of the day
We're clearly used to walking on beaches
James is more used to it than we are
Topaz looks like a nerd who got lost
See? I stood in the Gulf of Mexico
Told you
Under the pier
James found a condemned hobbit hole
You are viewing images from 06/09/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 55 pictures.
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