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NYC traffic is fun
Check out this burger
Check out this.. crazy lady
There's no power at Vic's house but that won't stop us from playing Magic
Bryce once again tricked everyone into not killing him until it was too late
Mel can't help but make insane faces when she sees a camera. It's why she works in film.
Alan.. what are you taking a picture of.
We took a scary tour of the basement in the dark
An also the kitchen
Look out, Alan!!
Omar's here!
Dean is wondering who the hell all these peopl eare
Hi Dean!
Mel inspects Dean. Dean.. wonders.
Oh by the way, the power came back on in the morning, as predicted!
Hi Will
Look out, Dean!!
Jesus Christ, Mel. Why do you do this??
OK.. ready for AMVs?
Alan sure is
Vic sets up the gear. Dean supervises.
This is what it looks like to be Vic's TV
Ain't no party like an AMV prescreening party
The 2014 trophies had a bunch of misprints so we got to grab one! I got "1st Place Damatic/Serious"
A billion hours later, Vic tells us who made the videos
Alan tries out his unabomber look
Rain is scary
Jefferson is just.. standing in the heavy rain not even attempting to stay dry
Van ride!!
Amanda loves diners.
Hi Omar
Let's order some food
Mel looks almost normal here
Everyone smile! ..or not
Albert got some kind of gross milkshake flavor but I forgot what it was
We had some fun looking up fake Magic cards
This giant Pacman arcade machine was amazing
Dramatic right to the end
Oh god.. I remember sunlight
Bryce is really disappointed that the CRS-7 Falcon 9 disintegrated
Everyone was shellshocked by the launch failure. No, not really. Just me.
Katie and Peter joined us for breakfast
Will seems really proud of himself
Hi Peter!
Vic wrote my actual trophy title on the bottom of my misprint trophy
That's me!
New Jersey Gothic
You are viewing images from 06/28/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 48 pictures.
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