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So empty at Registration!
You won't see this carpet again this weekend cause there will be too many people on it
Mel tries out the Lonely Seat
Weird realistic statues..
"You taking my picture?"
The rare "Mel looking normal" photo
I roll the dice and recreate the final photo of my Powershot S2 IS
Heading to Vic's van
This year's van art. Disturbingly lacking in ponies
Grabbing the speakers
Load up the cart!
I help too. There just aren't any photos of it..
This year I didn't help move the server just so I could get a photo of the dramatic moment
Ready to head up to the BCC
"Are you just going to take pictures??" I carry some things!
These tables have got to go
Omar steers the ship of Otakon
Wait, which way are we going?
Vic does.. something with wires
Mel has adapted to Otakon staff life pretty quick
Color balanced Vic
Alright, let's head to Video 1
Which.. cable.. was it
You again!
I left the XSi shooting a time lapse of the AMV Theater setup
Mel is Tape Lady
There's a lot of speaker cable to lay
Brakus plays the roll of cable spool
Cables everywhere
It's good to be the boss
Meanwhile in Prog Ops people are making those melted bead things for some reason..
Have fun, guys!
The reg line had another issue on Thursday. They fixed it by Thursday night but there were still a lot of annoyed attendees
Ahh, good ol' Video 1 backstage
Sound Guy James was there!
Vic's ready to calibrate some gear
Pretty lights
Cables cables
The video game room is coming together
The view from the back of Video 1!
Uncomfortable Vic in the elevator
Mel is so stylish
Where to next?
Double checking the calibration of the gear in Video 1
"This is a server.. check your damn levels"
"Press this button to eject"
Erika's here!
"Which one am I?" uhh..
You are viewing images from 07/23/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 50 pictures.
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