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Sinon from Sword Art Online!
The Otakon Simulator guy is back!
This appears to be some sort of Victorian Ganondorf
It certainly didn't feel like fewer people this year!
This is what the AMV Theater looked like for most of the weekend
Mel is a creeper
Wow, a lot of people turned out for the second round of the Space Flight panel
This year we had to do a lot of line control
Not sure what this is but I thought it was neat. Deer girl?
Got to keep the schedule up to date
The tubes really made this costume
Princess Tutu!
Poison Ivy meets Mario?
Rough day?
Working at Otakon is fun.. right?
Vic still gets the occasional autograph request!
Thousands of AMV fans!
Oh god, who put this gy in charge
Nice view from the sky bridge
A program guide for the first ever Otakon! I found this in the very cool Otakon museum
Josh, this photo is for you
Peter in one of his many elaborate costumes!
Mel loves ballot counting
It turns out Daphne used to work data entry so she was great at this
Topaz and I were just glad that our counting software worked
We had to wait for these guys to fix the door before we go to bed.. Timestamp: 2:21am
Mel is already half in costume for her debut as Iron Editor host
Lots of Sabers. This shot was for Bryce
Peter has a new costume! Vinyl Scratch aka DJ-PON3
Princess Luna!
Some costumes are more problematic than others.. sitting with tails is hard
What. The hell. Is this. I found it in Prog Ops
Hey this isn't New Mexico
A little fun while not fighting Titans
Good lord, Brakus
Silent Bob stayed in character
A super group?
Egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg
Mel hosted Iron Editor this year! She cosplayed as Chiriho
Go Mel go
Costume change!
The competitors working on their videos
Mel does her best Obama "not bad" face
What're'ya buy-- You're under arrest!
What the hell is going on here
You can't really see it but Revolver is actually twirling a revolver!
Everyone do the carameldansen!
This guy made that amazing "Let it Chopper" AMV
Excellent Lucina cosplay!
Ed and Faye apparently love creepy AMVs
This photo is alright.. and then you notice Spike and it's way better
High five?
People kept saying they wanted to hit this guy
Whoa. Steer clear of this guy
Bioshock family?
Whoa, scary Last of Us costumes
The good ol' BCC
Awesome bar sign
These people look like they could use some ice cold water
This guy is wearing Beany's Moon Lions shirt!
Big Brother Omar?
I think Omar's glad his stint as Con Chair is over!
Hi Alan
You are viewing images from 07/26/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 67 pictures.
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