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Ladies and gentlemen.. the Otakon 2015 AMV Theater team
Now make goofy faces! And no, I'm not just cruising Twitter on my phone.. I'm operating the camera.
Good times
This year's tape harvest is good
Naked Video 1!
I think this used to be Artists Alley
Get those tables out of there
Packing up the gear owned by Otakorp until next year
It seemed a little excessive to open this giant door just for me to walk through but this guy didn't mind
Fan art! Cool! Dozens of boxes of excess registration material.. less cool
So uh.. that's a thing
We found this ATM that opened. But it wasn't the fun part that opened.
Triangles abound in the main lobby
Mel kindly offered to carry our stuff back to the hotel as we brought the last of the gear to the van
Until next year, AMV Theater..
"Now do your slow motion astronaut walk"
I wonder how many "people loading stuff into the van" photos I have
Mel shows off her haul from the dealer's room
Wow, this would've been a cool room to have if I liked baseball. And had time to watch baseball.
I don't even know what's happening here but I'm pretty sure Otakon doesn't endorse it
But sure, why not
Vic and Topaz's reactions seem about right
Jesus Christ, Mel
Omar's attention was drawn to that computer that's been trying to boot all weekend
Time to make the most of his remaining time as con chair
It's good to be king, right Omar?
How the hell do we get to the Dead Dog? What is this stupid room even for??
In search of the fabled Dead Dog
We found it! Some sort of.. bounce wooden objects into a cup game?
Mel attempted to make a new "worst photo of Mel"
Time to tell old war stories. And by war I mean anime cons.
I couldn't help it. I asked Omar to sign my staff badge from the year he was Otakon con chair
Meanwhile, these two idiots seemingly have boundless energy
Omar said he's had this map in his wallet for so long it doesn't even have all the stations anymore
OK.. spoon trick..
Spoon assault!!
Topaz is completely unaffected by this
What do you do with excess Otakon badges? Well.. first you throw them at the con chair!
I'm not sure what everyone is doing here.. comparing badges?
These guys played poker with them!
Fat stacks of badges
The starting grid for the 2015 Otakon Grand Prix
Omar takes his scooter out for one more spin
Bye Omar!
Oh ho, the cool kids floor. The ones that require a card!
They have beer here!
And a dog!
Check out this dog!
Vic gets to work forgetting the events of this year
We pretty much just continued the Dead Dog but with more alcohol and more standing
It was a good year
This dog really wanted some chips or something
Internet videos!
Omar's having fun
Topaz examines.. someone's tail?
Bye Mel! Thanks for being your usual awkward self!
The last.. breakfast.
You are viewing images from 07/26/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 59 pictures.
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