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The famous Coney Island Parachute Jump tower!
Chilling at the beach
Boardwalks are fun..
Thunderbolt is a pretty photogenic roller coaster
Lots of people out enjoying the nice day
Big container ship
Walking down the boardwalk
Beaches are relaxing
Lots of shops and stuff
The top of Thunderbolt's lift tower
James makes his way to the top
He's already got his hands up
Through the loop!
Through another loop!
Roller coasters are fun
Another view of the loop
Coney Island, folks
This ride looks like.. a thing
This one looks ever worse
James hates waiting in line
Hi James
Flying coasters are weird
Looks like James had fun
We found Suz and Beany!
Beany and James haven't seen each other in like ten years!
Suz is pretty cool
Beany doesn't like the sun
Suz does
Suz is very short
Beany was freaked out by the weird horse roller coaster
James has a weird habit of looking directly at me while on roller coasters
It looks like Beany survived
The famous Wonder Wheel!
Some of the cars are on weird mobile tracks
It's bright out
I wish I were Tom Hanks
Round and round the wonder wheel goes..
Another famous landmark, the Cyclone!
Suz and Beany survey the landscape
Beany does not look super excited about this ride
Definitely not super excited
She survived again!
"Look over there!"
James uses the height to take some photos
Beany didn't like the flying swing either
Flying swings!
Flying swings are neat
Lots of rides
James likes taking ride photos
Beany looks a little concerned
Dynamic action!
Suz's hair is out of control, as usual
Big Eye
This woman is my new best friend. She was studying statistics in the corner! She was also a good enough sport to let me take her photo
The Coney Island Cyclone!
What's going on here?
Another view of the Cyclone
Some people going for a fun ride
Beany's having fun
This looks like something out of a postcard, haha
A cruise ship! I bet this went right by Pier 60
The sun was impaled by the Parachute Jump
Beany found some stray cats and moved in for petting
Want a new friend??
They did not.
James rode the Thunderbolt again.. this time with Suz!
The stray cats were on to my shenanigans
They're friends
James taking a look at Thunderbolt
The lift hill is a little steep
Some people were feeding the stray cats! Beany loved them
Ahhh!! Seagulls!
Beany is unsure about the Wonder Wheel
Time to ride the Wonder Wheel
Ready for fun?
James is not worried
Beany is notttt a fan of the weird movement of the Wonder Wheel cars
This rocket doesn't look very realistic..
We survived the Wonder Wheel
Walking along the weird little games and stuff
Bye Beanyyy
James squeezes in another couple rides before sunset
This photo demonstrates why I don't like this ride
Now how did James' shoe get over there?
No, you can't climb under the thing. The ride op retracted the floor so he could grab the shoe
This is a weirdly spooky shot of the Parachute Jump
Buzz says hi to James
And James says hi to Neil
James was way better than most of my friends at Assetto Corsa!
You are viewing images from 08/20/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 97 pictures.
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