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Brett is so excited
Looks like this is the right place
Fancy ring, Tony!
Tony's Mom and Steph are ready to party!
Liz is ready to party!
Emily is ready to party! Hell, everyone is ready to party
This is the most Tony thing I've seen in a while.. but we'll top it by the end of the night
Nice location
Keith plays it cool
Beer on the deck
Strike a pose, Steph!
Brett needs a hat
This looks like a thrilling conversation
Hey James!
Tony loves photos
Hey that's not how kisses work
Group photo!
Tony and Shayna seem to be having fun, which is the most important thing!
Annalise has a nice sunny seat
I made sure to grab a couple photos of the Roman coin we got Tony as one of his wedding gifts
It's an authentic coin from the reign of Emperor Claudius!
Alright you two, get dancing
"I think everyone is looking at us"
Do we call this the first dance?
Shayna has a neat tattoo
Tony is super relaxed you guys. Yup. Super relaxed.
How could you not be relaxed in front of this?
Now everyone dances!
Dance dance dance
Tony socializing
Spiffy glass
The focus and lens flare on this shot is so weird
Our table went through a lot of Diet Pepsi
Tony came by to check on us
James knows how to live life
So does Ryan
Father/daughter dance!
Hi Shayna-Dad
It was a nice dance
Next up, mother/son dance
Don't mind me, Tony
Getting some advice?
Ha, captioning these photos is hard
I really dig this cake
This punk-ass kid was pretty entertaining
See?? Punk-ass kid!
Brett takes his turn engaging in the fine art of swing-drinking
This photo is just madness
Cutting the cake!
Shayna likes cake
This scene will later be reconstructed in 3D for virtual reality playback
Tony makes his way onto the dance deck
So cool, so casual
Oh snap, there he goes
They're dance fiends!
Bryce doesn't like his little cup
What's next?
More dancing? Sounds good
Steph likes it
Brett's got some moves that could be called dancing.
So dynamic
These are surely ideal lighting conditions for photos
Dance deck!
Oh god, the crazy wine pourer thing is out
Whatever it's called, it sure makes a mess. Gotta love beverage containers that require a poncho
I wasn't the only one with a nice camera!
Since the previous caption was written, Tony has informed me this bizarre device is called a porron, which sounds like a joke
Liz doesn't care what it's called
Tony forgot some part of the procedure so it didn't flow as expected
And made a mess! Sorry this is so blurry. I figured it was worth it even as a blurred mess
Ryan is an expert
It's harder than it looks
Shayna took extra care with her poncho. She didn't even need it! Unfortunately I flubbed the photo of the pour
Brett manages to mega-biff it up and poured it right out of the top
Brett loves wine
Let's see if we can't figure out this typewriter thing
Uhh.. it's like a keyboard?
Time to head to the after party at the classy classy wings restaurant
Brett is a plane-eating monster
Tony is the emperor of Buffalo Wild Wings
Shayna presents Antonius Buffalonius Zoopaes Magnus
Brett carries the second half of our gift to Tony.. a slightly bigger than life size bust of Emperor Augustus!
Tony had no idea his shirt was so appropriate
Tony was confused what all the fuss was about. "Are you guys bringing in my real Dad or something? What's going on?"
"What the hell???"
Brett's face and Tony's expression says it all
Augustus loves wings
Gaius is the best wing man
Congrats, Tony
OK, well, sure
It's a fine looking statue
Now let's carry it away..
Unceremoniously stuffed back in the box
"Bryce, I think something is wrong with your sunglasses.." "What?" "How are you not noticing this??"
I saw this on the way back to Boston and knew Tony would appreciate it.
You are viewing images from 08/29/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 101 pictures.
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