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Oh yes. Steve is ready for camping
Phil looks like he was born ready
Phil's face as my cheapo folding chair made some ominous creaking sounds
Steve shows off Megan's hilarious wine glass holder
Nils and Christina have claimed their corner of the campfire
Dustin was really proud of his little foldable stool thing
Steve was surprisingly excited to play a game of Settlers. Count me in!
Christina and Nils joined us
How does this game work again?
Dustin doesn't know and Dustin doesn't care
We eventually started rolling the die in the box since it kept going off the table
See that blur on the top-right? That's a chip Steve is trying to eat
Phil gets to work setting up the fire for the night
The next morning was spooky and foggy as we drove to the boat place
Phil seems pretty excited.. what's he up to? Little did we know..
Dustin's ready for a day on the water
Nice shades, Matt
Dustin gets to work on his tube
Matt assumes his standard position on the boat
Boat partyyy
The day was a lot warmer and nicer than last year
Phil, what the hell?? He brought his own boat!
Steve seems perplexed by Phil's giant tube
Into the water!
But put on sunscreen first
Time to launch this thing
It's getting away!
The first test pilots board the USS Minkler
Beer is an essential part of the testing program
Phil and Steve weren't the only ones engaging in a tube testing program
Towing the tube seems like a bad idea..
Phil seems pretty confident
Steve helps tie the tube down
This still from a video shows the moment right before the tether holds failed..
Aaand the moment after
Well, that's the end of Phil and Steve
Well there's your problem
They're saved!
Well that was exciting
What's up with this helicopter that keeps flying past us?
Matt found the worst wig
Dustin is the whitest person
At least his beard won't get a sunburn
Alright everyone, on three... 1, 2, 3..
Now they're back in the water
It takes some skill to drink beer successfully in a lake
Megan has joined the tube test pilot program
Steve is so comfy
Matt is upside down!
"Jumping, eh?"
Dustin seems pretty proud of himself
Phil's turn to be upside down
Yes, I was the boat pilot again
OK give me my camera back
I was too busy running to the bathroom to help carry stuff. Cause I don't pee off the boat like an animal!
Did you have fun, Megan?
Good boat
I wish I had gotten a picture of the crazy guy across the street who kept dancing at people
Mmm, camping breakfast
We're helping
Pancakes and bacon!
Back to the Dustin Zimmer Memorial Swimming Hole
Megan gets her own pictures
I could get used to this HDR stuff. The photo looks so natural!
Lots of people here today
Phil contemplates.. I dunno, rocks?
Nils is chills
Nice waterfall
Steve's brain hurts
Megan is just hanging out on the rocks
Climbing back up?
Matt thinks deep thoughts
That's not how swimming works
Matt really got into his jump
I love Phil's reaction to Christina's jump
Megan's just going to live on this waterfall now
Every time I see this it makes me think of The Last of Us
Megan and Steve are having fun
Phil is.. being Phil
While the rest of the gang went to the brewery, I went on an impromptu hike with Phil and Matt
We had no idea how long this hill was
Phil needed to stop for a little refreshment
Matt does not seem surprised
Hey this trail has some nice views
Look at the little people! You may recognize this place from the photos two years ago when we were the little people
Meanwhile, the trail continues
What the hell?? Not only a parking lot, but a parking lot under construction
The Taughannock Falls I keep hearing about
Nice view from this area
That's the bridge we were on two years ago!
"Nature in America"
This is the view looking the other way
You guys ready to head back?
No, we must continue on!
Wait... this is the end of the trail??
Screw you, trail
Phil and Matt wanted a nice picture together
This is what they got
This place is full of great views
Time for some night cooking?
Megan likes campfires
Is that normal for fire?
Nils has a pretty sweet shirt
It's so dark, Steve!
What's Matt making?
Good times
Of course, we eventually had to light up the disco ball for the pre-quiet-time dance party
These dots are a real bitch to capture with the camera but I think this shot does an OK job
The streaks it makes when spinning are impossible to capture
"Why is it wet in here? Did you bring this beer in here??" "...I dunno! ...maybe! Maybe it was a beer assassin!" I think it was Phil
My trust "shuttle chair" from STS-134 suffered a fatal injury when I lazily tossed it down the trail ahead of me. It served me well.
The disco ball was also a casualty of this trip. At least the casualties weren't human this year!
Time to go home
We were tricked by the "World Renowned Omlets" sign. They were not very good. We should have guessed since that's not how you spell omelet.
Eh, it'll do though. Good trip!
You are viewing images from 09/06/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 121 pictures.
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