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Suz is a mermaid!
Iiii am a banana!
Gaius knows how to party
Refreshments to ensure the party goes all night
Maybe I'll come back later..
Don't you recognize Tony's costume? Uh-c'mon
Shayna's ready for some cool cool dancing
Suz's real tattoo. No, not really.
Pizza rat followed us from New York!
The creepy body table thing is back
James is the Sun!
Suz ponders the night ahead
Hi Tony
Tony definitely loves those horse masks
No one let Brett in, it's a trick
Steph is Marie from the Aristocats and Brett is a jogger or marathoner or something
Brett can't escape the Sun's gravitational.. hug
Steph likes what she sees
Brett just won the race
Candy will help with the running
What's going on in this room?
Brett suddenly tore his pants off, much to everyone's dismay
What's up in the kitchen?
No pizza for you, rat
Brett is making some weird faces
Facepaint is fun
Another Kaylee costume! Also excellent
It's time to introduce Suz to the traditional Rippoween treat.. jello shot syringes!
"I just push it?"
Brett is well versed in the ways of jello-shot syringes
Time to expose everyone to VR!
Brett thinks things are funny
Tony got some sort of crazy wine sword
Steph's head is very fuzzy
Steph is looking very sophisticated
Tony's augmenting his costume already. Nice 3d-printed Wolverine claws
Suz got a 3d-printed ring!
Good lord, no one touch the gem!
Tony's first moment in VR
Yup, that's the typical reaction
We know how to party
Tony has a jetpack
"Brett, wear this banana!"
"Brett, wear these claws too!"
Suz is an expert bomb defuser
Don't look at me like that with those claws
Why are we jumping, Suz?
You are viewing images from 10/31/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 48 pictures.
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