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Here we are!
We had to get visitor badges before going in
Conrad was very impressed by the quick GearVR demo
Pretty boring looking building with a lot of really cool stuff inside
The entry hallway had information on a bunch of missions and facilities
Got it
NASA hallways!
NASA seats!
NASA nerds!
It's so cool seeing all the mission names on the hallways signs
This is where Conrad hangs out
Omar was impressed
This is how they communicate with all the different mission roles
I like this bookshelf
A model of MMS as it looked when played on the launch vehicle
This looks.. scientific
I thought it was cool that they just have the basic textbooks on their subject at hand
Panorama of the MMS Flight Dynamics Ops Area
Conrad went through some slides to help answer some of our questions
This machine is connected to the internet so has all sorts of government warnings
I'm waiting for revision 2
"Did you just take my picture?" "I don't think so.."
Next we got to see some of the programs they use to view data from the spacecraft
Whoa, that is a lot of data
Dashboards are always neat, but this is a whole new level
Fuel data!
Data closeup
One of the TVs is dedicated to the current orbital information of all four MMS spacecraft
The "flat spacecraft". Identical components to those in space, but spread out so it's easy to diagnose
Lots of wiring
If I recall correctly, this is the 3-axis accelerometer
I was a little surprised at how clunky all the connections were, but I guess when you prioritize ruggedness it makes sense
This is the gear that runs the flat spacecraft
I have never been more tempted to push a button
I mean just look at that button..
This stuff simulates GPS signals, including expected delay, interference, etc
Very cool stuff
Lots of rack gear to work with the spacecraft
I believe this is where the whole team monitored the launch and early mission
The flight director's seat?
This is the room where they were actively monitoring MMS data
Hi there!
This is where the rubber meets the road for NASA missions
A wider shot of the room
I tried an HDR shot so you could more easily see detail but it looks sort of strange
Of course, I had to get a photo here
These things made me laugh.. apparently you can just plunk it down on a floor tile to pick it up. Not sure what the emergency would be..
More mission planning rooms
This was as close as we could get to the Hubble side of things. Conrad's fob wouldn't open the door!
If I understood correctly, all NASA space/ground communications goes through this room on its way to its final destination
I want to sit inside this
Don't stand under the crane
That looks like some sort of vacuum chamber
Lots of weird specialized hardware
This makes ice cream, I bet
Making spacecraft is hungry business
Hey I've seen these connectors on other spacecraft!
Cool stickers!
Taking a look around..
Haha, is this how security works? (Though it does look like a car key..)
I think that's a giant vacuum chamber
Conrad tried to lean behind Omar to hide from the camera but went too far
This place is the best
They attach satellites to these tables to tilt them, for working on different parts
Space stuff!
Oh man, the James Webb Space Telescope area
Some stuff in a clean room. It looks weird because I took it through some plastic
Cleanroom stuff?
I forget what this whole area was called but it seems to be where hardware gets worked on
This crazy room is where they simulate launches by blasting in sound and shaking that platform
The sound hole
Hey it's that giant vacuum chamber again
Giant centrifuge! It's currently broken so they're using the room for storage
Lots of random crap
I thought it was funny that these signs explaining what's going on are everywhere. I suppose they're for visitors but I suspect there are plenty of curious employees who want to know more
Next building!
Holy crap, that's the actual James Webb Space Telescope under construction! This was taken a few weeks before they started attaching the mirrors
JWST cleanroom
That is an enormous HEPA filter
I found the controls for the video camera
I'm trying to see the camera by wiggling it back andf orth
The camera controls were fun
In a few years, that thing will be a million miles past the moon, hopefully revolutionizing our understanding of the universe
The mirrors are in those silvery bulb things!
Conrad explaining the JWST structure with this model
Had to get a photo with JWST too
This is where NASA stores the cloud. The fence is to keep it from escaping
I had to ask to take this photo because all the screens behind me weren't allowed to be photographed. Very cool!
You are viewing images from 11/06/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 91 pictures.
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