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My Mom's house! Not for much longer though, it's on the market!
Looking up Meridian St
Hi, cat
Typical suburbia
The roads around here can be a little rough
Looking West into downtown Melrose
Becky's old dance school. I can't tell if it shut down or if the exterior is just all messed up
Main Street, Melrose
This was my "playground" during the brief stint I did at Catholic school
The Catholic school. I lasted one semester. I didn't like them and they didn't like me.
St. Mary's, my old church
Nice building, I guess
This is the bank where they filmed the opening scenes of The Town
This guy should clearly be doing one of the Y-M-C-A letter poses
Walking along Main Street
I love the smell of this hardware store. Is that weird?
City Hall
Fire department
I only know this is that building where I go to see Becky perform in The Nutcracker
This used to be Caruso's and had some pretty great pizza
Wait, is Melrose Co-Op a Bank of America now?
The Gazebo at Ell Pond
Ell Pond can look pretty nice
What are gazebos even for?
Continuing on
The Vietnam War memorial. Dad's friend Scott Andresen is on here.
I used to take this curvy road when walking to school
The Fellsway
In the winter this was always completely covered in ice and I would fall on it all the time
Oh jeez, I know this place
Melrose High School
I spent a lot of time hanging out down here waiting for a ride
The entrance to the school
Hey, Abby donated a brick!
And Dr. Burke!
The new Middle School has some nice elements
Shadows and light
This area is uh.. hm.
This wasn't here before
Anybody home? Ms. Whitner?
Standing in the Fellsway is inadvisable
Walking back to Mom's house
Having this license plate is just asking for trouble
You are viewing images from 12/26/15 in the main gallery. This set contains 46 pictures.
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