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Bryce is so zoned out
Looming over me while waiting for breakfast
Topaz finds breakfast decisions so stressful
For some reason this photo of Vic sort of reminds me of his cats
It's a race to go karts for racing!
Mel being Mel
Mel being slightly crazy Mel. So.. normal Mel
McKeed sees you
Amanda is ready to race
Topaz is ready to.. observe
Mel is now behind the camera, by the way. She snapped this lovely photo of me
Will seems skeptical
Walking out to our Karts
Dave knows how to ham it up for the camera
Albert is all business
Amanda just wants to make sure she doesn't drive under the barrier like that other person
I see the camera.. but do not acknowledge it
Vic... Vic loves Twizzlers
Katie is up next
And Will rounds out the pack
Vic takes the inside line and overtakes Amanda
It was a nice track
Albert wonders how to drive Will off the road
Amanda gets suited up
I swear this helmet fits..
I love this shot of me. Thanks, Mel!
Holy crap, relax Albert
Quite a crew
Will is ready for racing
Katie is also ready for racing
Oh hey, so is Vic
Apparently everyone is ready for racing
Look at me go. Gotta go fast!
Ever wonder what this track would look like if every color was gone except green? Wonder no more?
Amanda takes the corner at speed
Get outta the way, Vic. I got people to pass
Got to lean into the corner
Will is a blur of speed
Amanda is about to get bumped out of the way if she doesn't give up that inside line
Dave is blowing kisses to the camera!
I win! I got lucky because Dave won the first race and I won the second. Since his score went up after the first, my win was worth a few more points
Amanda slid in just in time for this shot
You are viewing images from 01/01/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 44 pictures.
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