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So. Many. People. Ugh.
Nice view from Synacor's NYC office
Those ants look like people!
Colors and lights
Hey I know that logo
Elevators are fun
I see you, other platform
Topaz spies a camera
The right stop, the wrong museum
The museum of natural history! Not tonight though
Hey look, an old timey Batmobile!
This doesn't look very aerodynamic
Red Batman?
Batmobile details
Weird pipes
What's in the bags?
Tony's future computer room
"The computer history is in the next room!"
Just loafing around here, eh?
Hey it's that place we want to go to
Buzz, your girlfriend, woof.
Ha, harsh
No more coffee for you
Hez inspects tiny UNIVAC
Old timey telegram.. thing!
I think this was a trans-Atlantic telegram line
Telstar! An early communications satellite
If I understand correctly, you put a card in that thing on the right, and all the dials change to indicate what data is on it
Vacuum tubes, for that warm analog computer feel
"Yes, this is Dog"
This is how they make fiber optics. But upside down. They stretch out a slug of super pure glass
Fun fact: 4chan was written in Fortran. No, no it wasn't.
What is even going on here
Topaz inspects a recreation of an early transistor
"Hello, transistor!"
Hey cool, it's Tennis for Two! Well.. a recreation. But that's ok
It's an old recreation, at least
Yet another indie 2d side-perspective game..
Spiffy controllers
Topaz discovers that Space Invaders is hard
"Gronk" is a word you don't hear associated with video games enough these days
Behold.. a typewriter!
Let's put it through its paces
Perl isn't going to run on this thing, Topaz
Font ball! Ball of fonts!
I don't even know what this is. Some sort of bizarre data storage, I'm sure
The physical representation of the source code that runs my photos page
Heyyy, this keeps flashing "IBM"
I used to build towers out of old punch cards at school
CPU dies!
I was impressed they found a graffiti door without obscenities on it
Fancy subway
You are viewing images from 01/08/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 54 pictures.
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