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Sprint planning
Starrett-Lehigh at sunset
Fwoooosh goes the 7 line
Just flying my spaceship..
"Backup Max Photo #1"
March 28th is very far away
Sunbeams in the morning!
"Hey Max! Backup photo!"
I really should have just done a photographic study of Max
LRS team lunch!
My walk to work is about to get a lot colder
Two very serious spacecraft on my desk
My daily walk past the construction site
How billboards are born
Looking down the bike/jogging path along the Hudson
Building buildings
Walking past the heliport everyday certainly leads to some dramatic, and windy, moments
I really like this shot
It's tough to keep cat fur off an Oculus Rift
There's a whole other world in there
Colorful ride
I'm so glad the 7 line isn't that ugly exposed metal in my neighborhood. These arches are nice.
Income Tax man!
Ugly exposed metal 7 line! Just a few blocks east of my street
My doctor! I won't use his full name so google searches don't lead here, but I call him Dr. Jeffy B. He doesn't know that.
Hey it's that building from Hackers!
I join the ranks of the many people taking photos at Grand Central
Yet another tour group
Walking to work
Max loves my photo projects
Early morning coffee
Oh sorry, am I interrupting?
Oh god.. do I want to go outside?
No, no I don't
It's so snowy!
Ahhh, we're going to be buried!
Everyone under the sidewalk shelter!
What a rotund snowman
Blizzard aftermath
So much snow
But Seamless cannot be stopped!
Lots of stores put cardboard down in front of the doors to absorb water. Is that a New York thing? I don't remember seeing it in other places
Let's go to work
Everyone picks their way through the sludge
It's times like these I'm glad I have waterproof boots
The bike path was plowed. The footpath was not
Eh. Plowed enough
Helicopters don't care about snow
Lots of construction going on at Hudson Yards
Hamptons! They make the best salads in the city and I don't care what Josh says
Oh ho! Josh saw me typing the previous caption
People lunching and learning at Lunch and Learn
Good ol' Bliss St
Taking an alternate route to work to stay away from the Hudson wind
The 7 flies by
Please :(
Walking through Chinatown to visit Suz
Lots of New York scenes here
Graffiti on construction signs!
Open marketplace
Sometimes I'm surprised just how stereotypical NYC New York can be some times
The barrels huddle together to stay warm
Bummer for you, bike man. I didn't even notice the missing seat until right now
This guy's got his seat
Lots of ladders
Suz lives in a tall building
"Suzanne's Lament"
You are viewing images from 01/31/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 72 pictures.
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