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These street vendors near the Megabus station must do really well
What are they building over the walkway?
The helipad never gets odl
There are more things on the walkway!
Cranes are so relaxing
This counts as a sidewalk
I think this might be the most NYC photo I've ever taken
Steam, trucks, hardhats, traffic lights..
It's coming right for us!!
Lots of people walking around
Mike was in town so we grabbed lunch!
Hi Buzz..
Snowy 7
Even snow has to sit down. That was a bad joke.
My camera bag now sports the mission patch for the podcast episode I'm working on
Wait for the light..
OK, sure
Statue of Tax Man
Cranes were always scary, even before that one collapsed downtown, but now I'm keeping a closer eye on them
Crane party!
Train party!
Scaffold party!
This car sits here all day every day with the lights flashing. I asked a guy why and he said it's to deter people from driving in, not realizing it's not a street
Barrel art?
Max art
I like how they wrote out on the windshield in case someone didn't get it
These are some remarkably chill horses
Now the walkway is getting lights!
Max loves his daily photo
Let's work through some tickets
The LIRR station looks pretty nice from the right angle
Yep.. it's my racing station
So many non-functional buttons
Code, Tim, code
Origami storage
What the hell is going on here? Are we summoning a new Macbook?
Everyone piles in for a "Core Practices" talk
As you can tell, I was thoroughly engaged
Questions were asked... and some were answered
Nate is building a Cyril
Tim in a seat of crap on all our desks
Why is it in quotes??
Yep.. NYC.
Tim pounding away on my neat Red Bull keyboard
Who, hi Bloo
Beany is skeptical of VR
Bloo gives it a shot
Type type type, says the Suz
Nothing like grocery shopping at 12:30am
Hi Neil!
One last photo of this furniture arrangement before yet another shuffle
Alexa, unpack yourself
Alexa, plug yourself in!
You are viewing images from 02/29/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 59 pictures.
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