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Hey this one wasn't even at the Auto Show. I just found it near work
That's certainly.. a vehicle
Inside the "crystal palace" of the Javits Center
Hey it's that place where we are!
Cars!! I mean.. autos!!
Hey neat, a NASCAR
Crispy M&Ms are the best
I want my Rift to be delivered in a race car
Inside the M&M car
What do these switches do?
I think the Maserati logo is super ugly but hte car is nice
This car was slowly rotating
Nice wheels
Aurora not included
This looks a lot like the last shot of a car's wheel but it's a different car
No roll bar?
I like the flashy brake pads
So many red cars
I want some cool aero elements on my car
I think this might be a Huracan, which I've driven in Assetto Corsa!
Hey look, paddle shifters!
This car certainly looks fancy
Various paint options
Hey it's not a Formula 1 car but it's pretty close!
Nice front wing
"Aero" indeed!
Another shot of the rear of the car
The wheel looks so simple compared to F1 cars!
Cool motorcycle
I bet that chain can take some abuse
I like this corner of the show
Nice gull wing doors
I wonder if this is also in Assetto Corsa..
The funny little Smart Car corner
Matte finishes seem to be the thing these days!
A GT3 car!
Hey look, more cars!
This one seems out of place
More cars downstars
That hood seems really awkward
Me sitting in very expensive BMW. i8, I think
Here's the exterior of the car I was sitting in
I also got to ride around in a BMW electric car
Inside the electric car. I think maybe an i3?
Old timey police cars!
These sims looked hilarious. If anything I'd want the FRONT of the car to be there so it looks right to me when driving!
Fancy Jeep
These guys were rocking and rolling on a motion platform. Probably not a great idea since those GearVRs don't have positional tracking
Even more cars!
Now this is definitely a car I've driven in Assetto Corsa
It was pretty strange actually being in the car after sitting in it virtually
I'm pretty sure this is what Phil drove around in Iraq
Another car I've driven in the sim!
Whoa. Dazzle camo!
This is where we design solitaire.
You are viewing images from 03/30/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 58 pictures.
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