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Oh hey there, little guy
Waiting for the light to change
Backup Max photo!
Max looks up information on his favorite album
A little windy on the Hudson today
Setting up a new billboard
Buzz was curious what the super was doing to my toilet
Buzz wonders why I'm moving all the furniture yet again.
Hey look, a beard!
Lovely Sunnyside
Inside my supermarket
What's up with this police line?
Under the 7
Another shot looking down the length of the 7
Oh hi guys
What.. the hell.. is this.
I had a train car to myself again. This happens a lot between Times Square and 34th St
Inside 34th St Hudson Yards
The escalator tunnel
Looking up at the artwork in the entrance to 34th st
More escalators!
I really really like how the lighting came out in this shot
Fancy dome thing on 34th st
Construction guys unloading some gear
Great light this morning
Cranes everywhere!
A little haze does wonders for a photo
So many cranes
This big scary hole was eventually covered with a metal plate and a bunch of dirt. Secret scary hole.
Lifting heavy things
Melting.. snow? I'm not sure what's going on here
Inside the other office for work
Hey look, it's 10th ave
Fancy cars at the fancy car store
Starrett-Lehigh can look pretty nice in the right lighting
Walking over to the Hudson
Birds love sunset
Nice sunset over New Jersey
So red!
Hey it's that Josh guy
Way to make dumb faces, Josh
Riding the long escalator at 34th st
A closeup of one of those cranes
That's a big piece of steel
Looking along my walk to work
Taking some long distance shots from the 12th floor of Starrett-Lehigh
What are these guys up to?
Space Shuttle Enterprise is in that gray thing
Empire State Building!
This boat is pushing a boat
Wide angle shots from up high look nice
I never managed to get a shot from here of a helicopter taking off but this one is pretty nice
I found an art gallery with paintings of astronauts!
Also Mount Everest and Formula 1 cars!! Did I paint these??
Nope, this guy did. I'm including this photo so I can find this later
That's a lot of packing peanuts
Another giant steel beam
Peeking through the hole
The view from the entrance to my office
Another nice sunset
Neil loves the racing chair
Laundry laundry laundry
This guy had a cool hat
James as a cone?
Coding at the pairing station
Cool contrails coming from this landing plane
"Hey Artie! Picture of the day!"
Why is the news here?
More news vans
Sunny morning in Sunnyside
Greg's got one of those BB-8 robots
Move, ball!
Hey today isn't St. Patrick's Day!
Nice lighting after getting off the train
Nice lighting
Lazy cats
Optimistic packing
Lots of steel
Stupid bird
Walking under the scaffolding
I don't want the crooked bathroom
Max loves photos
Big ship
These cranes sort of freak me out
So many barrels
I really like the reflection in this shot
Bike trail!
Pier 64
Going up river
Weird angles on Starrett-Lehigh
There's that boat again
Coming in for landing!
Now that I have a taste of how hard it is to fly helicopters I find these guys really impressive
That's a big boat!
Away they go!
And a little reflection!
Helicopters and airplanes
Off to Norway?
New York
Grand Central
A statue on Grand Central?
Closeup of the MetLife building
More weird building closeups
This one actually isn't black and white
Hi Grand Central
So many taxis
Inside Grand Central
That's a weird car
Hey it's me!
That's a lot of booze on Nate's desk
Neil and his doppelganger
Rain rain rain
I caught Max on his way to work! Too bad I didn't the next day because I somehow missed March 31st! Oh well. It could still be 365 photos this year!
You are viewing images from 03/31/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 119 pictures.
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