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Some Beany art I had on my wall for over a decade!
I think I drew this..
Isabelle found the one person who didn't want a cat sitting with her
Is it me??
Aww, thanks!
Freedom, here I come
Thanks guys!
Fancy card
Thanks Gragra!
Such card, very wow
Who? Who is proud of me??
Aw, it's Aunt Teresa and Uncle Chris!
Still curious, thanks!
"Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you."
Thanks Aunt Regina and Uncle Jim!
It is??
Thanks, Dad!
All the fancy cards have this weird transparent layer on top
A big day for both of us
Hey that's when I graduated
Thanks Rafters!
Go on..
Thanks O'Connells!
I always loved this Rakka art by Beany
Oh man, Anime Club flyers
Photos from E-camp!
That's me in the hat at the top. Looking good.
I don't even know what this is from, but Beany drew it and I stuck it on my wall
Gragra always rights nice long notes on her cards
This used to be taped to the outside of a third story window that didn't open
Beany cat!
Way to go, Beany. This is why you're not allowed in the Launch Control Center
James took this photo on his film camera during his photography class
Is this cat dead??
Mount Aziscohos! The first mountain I ever climbed and spelling bee challenge word
See I knew about the Mayan end of the world date before it was cool
I really liked my laptop in high school
Alright, let's go through this whole thing..
I wrote all this nonsense in fifth grade, so I was 8 years old
VERY fun
Haha, classic me. Favorite time? The time when they left me alone to goof off at home
"Well it's the end of the page!"
"After this I'm going to go outside and play frisbee with myself." my childhood
Wiggly wiggly!
Ahh, Animorphs
"It was.... never mind" what was it??
Well that was fun
Nice clip art
Dad arriving to his surprise 40th birthday party! Mom looks so proud of herself
I paid a lot of money for this piece of paper
It always annoyed me that there's no mention of my TWO degrees. Come on!
You are viewing images from 05/08/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 55 pictures.
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