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Cars are fun
Ahh, the hammock district
Florida beach!
James is always so uncomfortable
Nice path through the woods
The contrast between shadow and sunlight was really high
Furry tree
I love little wooden paths like this
Super bright beach
Oh good
Let's learn a learn
A history!
Danger: Wild Oysters!
James. Florida man.
This seems a little excessive for a free ferry
Now you can learn with me
Let's get on the ferry!
Safety first
It's the fort!
This fort has been here for hundreds of years
And now so are we!
Most people were bored by the history speech and just wanted to go look. I thought it was interesting!
Up the stairs
Weird little side room. No, it's not a toilet.
Looking down on the cannons from the top floor
James keeps an eye out for the British
They should shoot at boats coming up this waterway
Hopefully not our boat
This is how we got on the roof. I had to hold my camera bag over my head
James heads back downstairs
Tight fit!
Not too tight though
This is how you get on the ladder
This ceiling would be so annoying
A fort with a view!
James checks out the weird little room
It's amazing how a little structure like this can make such a big difference
The view from the weird corner room
I bet that bench wasn't here originally
Let's shoot the British
This is where the soldiers slept
Hey I know this stuff from that Napoleon Total War game
Hey get back in the fort. Also, fire on the horizon!
Cannon selfie!
James found some crabs
The view from the ground
I don't know much about forts. Seems legit
Well that was fun! James is taking a selfie of me taking a selfie
And here it is!
Here's another fort that we didn't visit
Trying to find a parking space... unsuccessfully
If you look closely you'll see that only one of these heads is real
You are viewing images from 05/22/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 55 pictures.
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