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I love what they've done with the columns in the waiting area!
I think James noticed the camera
We're special guests
Shuttle ET/SRBs!
My favorite gate
On Kennedy Space Center property!
I've never seen those doors open on the VAB before!
What's inside?
Big ol' NASA emblem
Here we are!
Explaining how the VAB works
I want to touch this patch
Great launch vehicle models
Are we authorized?
Josh is authorized
The mission patch wall
Discovery model
James takes a look at the mission patches
Cool flags
Great space mural
One of the treads from the crawler
Let's go!
Firing Room 3. Mostly used for testing, training, and movie shoots
Explaining how the firing room works
The impossible to photograph door
We're in firing room 4!
I love the view from the LCC
Looking down the crawler road to 39A. You can see SpaceX's horizontal integration facility on the horizon
Let's take a bus to SpaceX!
Taking a sideways look over at LC-41, where Boeing will be launching people in the not too distant future.
Looking into the firing room
Go Atlantis!
Looking over at that tower that I think they're going to use for SLS
The view from the back of the room
Josh loves space
That's better
See James knows how to pose for a picture
So many phones
Let's just head over to the VAB
Up close you can see the texture of the VAB walls
It's that tower again!
Boeing has taken over one of the OPFs
Crawler with a Mobile Launch Platform on it
The Falcon is vertical!!
We're hopefully going to see that rocket launch later
The SpaceX HIF
Looks like they've been doing more work on the pad
I don't remember this building being here last year
The weird truck they use for moving cores around
Extra wide strongback for the Falcon Heavy
They finally finished painting the logo
Lots of activity at 39-A
I can't wait to see that strongback go vertical with a Falcon Heavy to support
A sideways view through the fence
A view of 39-A from the rear
Rocket-melted plates
These plates have seen some action
And then everyone freaked out and paid attention to a tortoise instead of space stuff!
The LCC again
A stranded mobile launch platform
VAB and OPFs
You are viewing images from 05/26/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 65 pictures.
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