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Holy crap, Times Square!
Let's figure out where we're going
Ahhh, the beating heart of NYC. Right? RIGHT??
Ugh, so many people
Giant ads!
Suz needs something to hold her hair. How about a SpaceX hat?
I bet this place is legit
The lions guard the books
Suz needs a hair thing!
Hey look, it's the Empire State Building!
Let's go to the top
Suz's face accurately captures the feeling of living in NYC and doing touristy things
Neat wall
Expensive elevator
Let's go!!
Facts, facts, words
Ticket scanner
Are your ears popping yet?
What is with this hole??
Don't lose your glasses!
We took the stairs for the last six floors rather than waiting in line for the elevator
Hey we're at the observation deck!
Looking downtown
We made it!
Lots of tall buildings
This building is made entirely out of butter
It's fun having a telephoto lens up here
The Hudson
Roof party?
Making new tall buildings
Suz is having fun, even if being a tourist is dorky
Convenient chin-holders
There's that church that caught fire
The Statue of Liberty! We'll be there later
Chelsea Piers!
And Starett-Lehigh
Typical NYC scene
Suz looks over her city
What's down there?
And in this direction.. buildings
Suz likes buildings
Looking uptown
I'm not big on art-deco but the Chrysler Building is pretty cool
432 Park Avenue
It's tall, it's square, it's expensive
The UN!
We're above the Top of the Rock. Nice look at Central Park
That... doesn't look right
"The Hackers Building"
You can actually see my little strip of Queens Boulevard. The station right before the curve at the top is 46th St!
Suz kept pointing to far away things as if that was helping
And on the East... buildings!
You can actually see that drop tower thing at Coney Island!
See? I told you I was taking these pictures
Back down the stairs
Suz doesn't approve of graffiti?
I approve this message
This guy on the right does NOT like Suz
Welcome to the Staten Island Ferry
The Ferry is a great way to see the Statue of Liberty while being cheap
I don't know how they found me but they found me! Run, Marty!
Looking back at Manhattan
Snazzy house
Less snazzy house
This is a popular area
"Are you taking my picture?"
The Statue of Liberty!
The statue itself (ignoring the pedestal) is almost (but not quite) as tall as a Falcon 9 first stage!
Suz kept looking at the screen instead of the lens
Are we there yet?
Cool cool Coast Guard
Suz is so chill
Downtown Manhattan
Let's all take pictures!
1 WTC is a really cool building
And with that I've checked most of the boxes on my NYC experience. Time to go!
You are viewing images from 05/29/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 80 pictures.
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