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My bus route took me to within a few hundred feet of 2U. It was weird
Hey it's the Intrepid!
In a bizarre coincidence there was a mockup of the Aurora 7 Mercury capsule here! Apparently THIS ship is the one that recovered it!
I just happened to be here on the day that my Aurora 7 episode came out!
The little posigrade rockets and bigger retrograde rockets
I'm a space shuttle adult
OV-101, we meet at last!
It's Space Shuttle Enterprise!
The first space shuttle. Originally intended to be retrofitted for spaceflight but has only experienced atmospheric flight
Fred Haise flew this vehicle!
Hi there
The hatch
The nose of Enterprise
A panorama of Enterprise
Some actual instruments from Enterprise!
Big chunky instruments
It really does look like the bridge between Apollo and the modern space area
The nose gear
Ahh, I get it. And yes, the shuttle Enterprise was named after the Star Trek Enterprise. Fans wrote to Congress asking for it
Another view of the landing gear
One more shot of the instruments
I had no idea that's where the Columbia test wing came from!
A piece of reinforced carbon-carbon
A mockup of an early shuttle concept
That's a huge windtunnel model
Hey cool, a Soyuz!
Close quarters in that Soyuz
The aerodynamic tail of Enterprise
Weird Russian interface on the Soyuz
I think this is where the parachute lives
Hey cool, a Concorde!
This looks like a comfy seat
A Gemini mockup!
So many of the planes have foldable wings
I have no idea what this plane is
I'm pretty sure the SR-71 never launched off an aircraft carrier
Looking back at the bridge.. or tower.. or something
Hey I know how to fly these!
Lots of people wandering around on the deck
Apparently you can go into the Concorde but I was too late for the tour. Another time.
You are viewing images from 06/16/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 43 pictures.
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