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Lunch and Learn!
Most people are terrified of being here
Max tries to pick a lock
Once you know the trick it's pretty easy
A wild Goran!
Standing in the West Side Highway
Waiting for the light
Beer Friday!
It was raining super hard
The view from right outside of work
I sat on these benches a bunch in my final weeks in NYC. It's where I did my phone interviews
Relax, Tim!
My replacement Rift arrived!
This time it works perfectly. Thanks, Oculus!
Walking home in the nice weather
This giant ad is always Apple-related
Nice sunlight
Golden Hour!
I will miss the walks
Nice view of Starrett-Lehigh
Sunset on the Hudson
The helipad is always fun
Trees and buildings
Reflective windows
This dog was so ridiculous I just had to get a picture of it
Traffic and buildings: the NYC experience
This doesn't seem right..
I'll miss you, cow head
Who wants to go to Chicago?
Almost to the train station
Looking up into the construction
More trees and buildings!
This building wasn't even built when I moved here!
Mike stopped by and tried out the Vive! He had a blast with it
VR Mike
Mike's friend had fun racing
My cube is starting to come together
Now I have a shelf for all the crap that was on my desk at 2U
Sitting around a cafe after returning my rental car, waiting for Omar to pick me up
We moved the Vive sensor to expand "the volume"
Scott and I got some chinese food across the road from Goddard
This is Scott, my new teammate!
Hmm, why did I buy a lithium ion battery?
THIS is why. Look how ridiculous this is!
This battery is so scary! I replaced it without incident
The future
The giant cleanroom at Goddard. The JWST is hiding behind that structure
Bunny suits!
You are viewing images from 06/30/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 50 pictures.
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