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My combination workout / anime-watching area
My new VR setup. Racing, flying, all of the above
I 3D printed one of Curiosity's wheels! Well, a much smaller version. More like Sojourner's wheels
The last vestiges of my stint in NYC
My new parking lot
Dan returns the ping pong ball
Josh is better at ping pong than I am
What is this weird thing embedded in the Target parking lot?
The stickering begins!
Omar found a pot full of gross old candy
And the candy had melted
This is the worst
Selfie in a JWST mirror sample
James stopped by for a couple of nights to hit up the area on his way to Boston
He just kept throwing things
James thinks VR is fun
Building 32! This is where Aqua, Aura, and Terra are run
The view near my desk. Back and forth rectangles
I build a salad here every day
A vending machine at an unidentified NASA building
This is a sample of JWST that they're going to shake the crap of to see how it will behave when launched
This is how they heat or cool things inside the giant vacuum chamber
Hey it's that place I sometimes work at!
The lid of the giant vacuum chamber
The giant vacuum chamber!
I got a spiffy NASA badge reel
Hi Buzz
Neil is sleepy
We're making progress on the podcast!
Up close with the EOS models
My new car computer reader thing. It lets me read engine codes, tracks fuel efficiency, etc.
Rounding out my car accessories, my new dashcam! It also has a camera looking out the back window
Gotta keep an eye out!
Buzz is too close
This is a really lazy picture but it was also a really lazy day
This is my "it is way too hot to go outside" photo
My new CEO's giant truck is intense
Getting some work done at my desk
"Alexa, pose for a photo"
Why was this helicopter hovering near my house??
Big plane
Seems legit
1000 miles already!
I forget what Omar's watching here
Omar decided to replace a circuit breaker.. himself
This.. is a bad idea
We'll just take this off....
Which one was it again? We ended up putting it back together and calling an electrician
Yet another super lazy photo. It's F1 day!
I cooked a thing!
You are viewing images from 07/31/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 50 pictures.
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