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Ready to rock
Mel explains the thing about sandwiches
Topaz is itching to get this weekend started
Mel is wondering why I'm still taking pictures
Back to the convention center
This cookie is the only source of joy in Vic's life
We found a Mckeed!
Amanda with her Mei gun
Waiting around..
Holy crap, well done Brakus! An inspiration to all of us working to lose weight
Time for the zerg rush
Prepping the server
One cart down..
Vaguely menacing Anthony is about to become fully menacing Anthony
I'm going to miss these back halls next year
Did someone order a bunch of tech gear?
Time to unscrew that one light bulb again
The room is getting set up nicely
Topaz looks at.. something
A lull in the setup
Vic consults the binder
One of these things is not like the other
Our favorite room at Otakon
Setting up GLaDOS down in Video 1
Debugging the giant projector
If Vic ever writes a book, this will be the cover
Testing my channelllssss
Tape Man!
Vic checks the volume levels
Otakon party!
My 3d-printed button guards worked pretty well!
Hi Will
Mel loads up some reference material for the light board thing
Get to work!
Making the final server connections
Our latest innovations.. hall passes!
Amanda's favorite place in the VAT
Topaz hooks up some audio cables
Cut the red wire
Otakon is fun
Wow, nicely done, Mel!
Time for a recharge break
Topaz needs no recharges
Will thinks about stuff
Now that Video 1 is set up, the whole crew is up in the AMV Theater
What next, almighty binder?
Will in the booth
We need to get Topaz sick again to dial down his energy
Mel always sees the camera. If it looks like a candid it's because she let it. This is not one of those times.
Will has a sudden realization..
Will is excited to learn how to use the server
Hi Vic. Wait, whose hand is that?
It's Brakus!
Looking for ghosts
Phone time
The Last Server?
How long has this Jimmy John's been here and why didn't we go every year?
Thanks, Hilton!
You are viewing images from 08/11/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 59 pictures.
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