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Wow! Amanda's Mei costume is incredible!
Mr. Great and Powerful?
Venom Snake
A little Kiki!
Teto is securely on Topaz's shoulder
The easiest way to carry a vest is to just wear it, even if you're already wearing a hockey jersey
Decent turnout for the third year of my space panel
Conrad had quite an audience with extra questions at the end!
A troupe of Undertale cosplayers
I found Alan!
An excellent Mercy costume
Ha, someone in the weird Paz-box from Metal Gear
I think I know the most common response
Behind the scenes in Video 1
Practice shots in Video 1.. for later
Quite a line for the Friday AMV Contest
Filled the house once again!
Vic completely surprised Amanda and proposed to her in front the full 1,800 person AMV Contest audience!
You can see her shock
She said yes!
Brakus couldn't contain himself and ran up to hug her right after the big moment
That many light sabers in a crowd is going to be pretty dangerous
Just because the room is closed doesn't mean we can't be festive
This guy was so upset about his hot dog
I guess they escaped the grid
Hahaha, Otakon Simulator guy is back and he brought Knuckles!
Some costumes are more complicated than others
I have no idea why there were so many extra cups in Prog Ops
Mel.. why is that twinkee green?
I guess if you're going to have a bunch of extra cups you may as well do something with them
Time to count some ballots
Look out behind you!
Mckeed found this knitted thing and just wore it for the rest of the weekend
That's a lot of tails
I found Jefferson!
A very assertive Navi
Nice suit!
I think Bryce said these two are from Odin Sphere
Video game room
Table-flip? Hell yes
You grab it...
And you flip it!!
That's a lot of Borderlands cosplayers
I have no idea what this panel is but it had a good turnout!
The sacred board
Mel in Iron Editor host mode
Amanda as Error-chan
Such concentration!
Amanda has creepy contact lenses
Vic in his element
What was I doing during AMVs After Dark? Watching the JCSAT-16 launch, of course!
The mysterious Pink Shot
The traditional 2am "Vic is tired" photo
The ladies of Cowboy Bebop
Haha, I should have expected this guy would strike this pose when I asked for a photo. I just thought he was a teabag, not that he WOULD teabag!
I like your sticker, dude
Ice Cold Water Man! Will he follow us to DC?
This dude was just jamming
Wow, this would be a great view if I watched baseball
Looking out over the BCC
Macho Man
This HDR shot came out sort of weird, but this is the last time "Come Sail Away" will play in the BCC VAT! (For five years, at least)
Mmm, smoothies
Feedback session
The Otakon leadership
Just chilling in a Domo-kun costume..
You are viewing images from 08/14/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 69 pictures.
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