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The camp site (and parking lot) where I hung out before the race
These fine folks answered my call on Reddit when I was looking for people to teach me what's up with NASCAR. From left to right, Kevin, Guy I Forget Who Might Be Tyler, Derrick, and Andrew
Andrew grabs a few beverages for the road as we get ready to check out the pre-race activities
There were so many cars! So many people!
Riding over in the tram
I have arrived!
The Richmond International Raceway
I heard the radios are a must-have. I couldn't hear much over them but it was decent hearing protection if nothing else
Lots of people wandering around
Time to pick up my tickets
NASCAR tickets!
It was so hot. Wearing my Formula 1 hoodie did not help
Hey, NASA is here!
NASCAR cars are based on road cars but they still differ pretty significantly!
Derrick and Andrew were into it
Hi Toyota Lady
Derrick looks right at home in that race car
Nailed it
Snowmobile jumping!
And motocross bikes!
It's hard to not look cool on a motocross bike
Lots of ads, everywhere
There were a bunch of NASCAR cars sitting around for people to check out
Wanna go for a ride?
Let's head to the Fan Zone and buy some swag!
So much swag
Every driver had their own section! Where's Ricciardo?
Derrick, Andrew, and Kevin are champions
More posing for pictures
Heading back to the campsite
This is some hardcore camping. What the hell is this thing??
Derrick's having a good time
Let's play Stump!
John explains the finer techniques of grilling on whatever the hell this is
Andrew takes his turn in Stump. It's a very literal game.
Kevin carefully uses one of his nail-extractions, bought by doing two shots
This is a fun time
Getting properly lubricated before the race
I think Andrew is halfway there
Kevin is just here for the boos
Careful with that hammer..
A little shotgunning..
Golden hour is so nice
Ready to roll out. Let's go to the race!
Talking to friendly strangers on the tram
This is translated as "oh god, please stop driving drunk!"
Here we are!
Holy crap. It's way more intense than I imagined. The sights, the sounds, the smells..
At the race!
It's overwhelming
This catch fence looks pretty strong
I was jealous of the photo guy's gear
Hey neat, this is one of the mics they use to get car audio on the TV broadcast
They take the national anthem pretty seriously around here. Reeeeeally seriously.
The lighting was fantastic
This photo looks pretty similar but check out the flyover!
Fun old timey planes
There were also some modern jets but I couldn't get a photo of them. Too fast!
The cars are getting ready
The all seeing info board
Official Guy says "let's race!"
Doing a few formation laps
They were incredibly loud. It wasn't the apocalyptic level of loud I had expected but I'm so glad I brought hearing protection
There were a lot of people
Warming up those tires
The cars drove by in a grid formation as a tribute to the fans
It's weird to see them driving in these lines
Double the cars of an F1 race
And now we are racing! You can tell because I couldn't focus on the cars very well
Sparks are flying!
This guy lost the whole rear of his car but kept going for the whole race!
Pit stops are a little slower in NASCAR than F1 but no less impressive!
That yellow blur is a car
This looks like a pretty crappy job
Another car out of control!
Coming into the pitlane
Another rapid pit stop
Ready to go, away they go!
I had to get closer to the cars on my way out
Well that was a blast! NASCAR may not be my thing but I had a ton of fun. Thanks again to Derrick and Andrew and crew for taking me in for the race. Super cool dudes.
You are viewing images from 09/10/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 83 pictures.
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