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I put together a big cork board to collect all the random mementos I pick up
F1 and 3 in the morning!
Hi Buzz
Just taking a few photos to record how often I move the furniture around
The current state of my room
Making progress
I got an echocardiogram
Hey is that my heart?
"That's your heart"
You can never have enough photos of JWST
Progress on the vibe table
Another sun dog! Or.. tiny rainbow. (I took this photo at a red light)
I finally set up a proper bed!
Looking good
All the astronaut photos are mounted
Cats are lazy
I set up this shelf all by myself. I am a home improvement expert
Another slow cooker. Hopefully it doesn't meet the same fate as the last one
Lovey at the bottom of the stairs
All sorts of neat data from MMS
Spooky candle?
Just looking around my street
Scott is hard at work
Josh is not
Ping pong battle!
The basement is a complete mess
Time to start prepping it for the LAN party
Take all the drawers out first
All these boxes are empty because Omar is crazy
Trying to find the spot where the ceiling is just barely low enough to tilt the shelves
Alexa gets her own little shelf
Moving furniture is fun
Careful not to get it dirty!
I promise I helped with other stuff. I just took a few photos
Moving moving moving
Neat! A bunch of aerogel left over from Stardust
It's so light!
That's a big chunk of aerogel. It's very fragile
Some random cat
I got an Echo Dot
It doesn't hear me very well.... want to buy it off me?
Analyst Meeting at a.i.
Eric tries to calm his stomach
It doesn't look good..
Down she goes!
Looks tasty
Hi Neil
Neil is such a squishums
That's my blood!
Whoops. Someone started their day off wrong
I fed Lovey for the week
Poor Lovey lives outside
You are viewing images from 10/31/16 in the main gallery. This set contains 54 pictures.
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