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Alan is ready for some presents
I got Mckeed some fancy USB cables from his wishlist
So many presents!
We all chipped in on something big for Bryce
What could it be??
A big cardboard box!
Ahhh, it's a head start on a proper gaming PC! He's still got a ways to go but we took some of the pain out of the process
Typical Bondcon
The right side is accurate
Omar can't get the Daydream VR to work with his phone
Traditional iHop. And a weird square of hash browns
Hi Omar
What are we planning out here?
Time for overly complicated board games
Alan's always ready for overly complicated board games
Albert's always ready... to kill someone.
Study the rules carefully
Dean wants to pay too. But he cannot because he is a cat.
Big pony mug
Another complicated board game! This is a neat game Bryce brought that has to do with going on a journey in Japan or something
Peter let me borrow his flash. So obviously I went to town on it
Hi Bryce. Is this annoying?
Ahhh!! Vic!
Is Alan checking the rules?
I don't know what you're telling me, Alan. This is a photo and I forgot what you said at the time
Amanda watched us play
Hi Peter
Pinkie Pie brings Amanda no joy
Flashes are great for nice crisp phtoos
Is Mckeed giving me the finger here?
Jefferson, seriously, what is up with the grubby shirts
Serious Bryce
Games are fun
Jefferson's innovative drink holder
Jefferson with the king of all stinkfaces
Pinkie Pie wants to get in the display case with the creepy figures
Peter browses the drink catalog
Hey maybe I'm getting the hang of this flash thing
And Alan's getting the hang of the "going crazy" thing
Time to go get food!
Amanda's not sure about this flash thing
Not sure what this expression is, Peter
Albert is so intent on his game
Hi Vic. Is my weird light-bouncing bugging you?
Bumming around
Weaponized flash!
Vic has finally become a lens flare
Bryce looks into the brilliant future
This isn't a great photo but I liked the stupid face Albert is making
Will the flash work through root beer? Sure will
Fancy lighting by shooting through water!
Who knew that kraken and the bottle were red? I suspect it's just the only light that wasn't scattered away
Rasengan! Or.. spirit bomb! Or... baggie full of water
Properly labeled.
"The Choosing of the Tea"
You are viewing images from 01/02/17 in the main gallery. This set contains 55 pictures.
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