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Hi Bryce, meet my new flash
This many photons calls for a drink
Hi Neil!
Buzz is already sick of this. Where are his eyebrow whiskers??
Contemplative Neil
The flash leads to some cool effects
Evil Buzz
"Why are you taking pictures of me??"
Neil says hello to Beany
This is just what Suz's hair is like
Shifty Bryce
Hi Buzz
Hair has been contained... for now
Nice pose, Beany
Metal Beany
Buzz supervises Bryce to make sure he gets his work done
Beany knows how to ruin a good picture
Let's go see a movie!
Grocery shopping
A photo of a photo of Suz!
What to buy?
Too much Brawn for Beany
Beany looks so uncomfortable
Suz figured she may as well get some supplies for her NYC apartment while she's here
Beany's going to steal some olives & antipasti
Suz tries out the Oculus Touch
What's up there?
Virtual reality.. real Omar
Ready to march!
Just a couple of women ready to go for a walk in Washington DC
Time to show Trump what's up!
Eric inspects Buzz
Beany's making dip!
Lauren can strike a pose
She's so used to cosplay photos that as a joke I did my "Hey can I get a photo?" convention cosplay approach. She instantly struck this pose. A pro!
Suz making.. also dip?
Neil is floating!
His head is itchy!
Buzz is people
Dance, Neil!
Lurking Bryce
Eric's turn in VR
Lauren seems uncomfortable
What is she doing?
Eric checks his phone
Suz is a carrot
Beany is sick of my photos
Bryce is ready for action
Touching the future
Beany sums up the weekend with a great doodlefest!
Waiting for breakfast
Bryce wants food
Suz isn't allowed to see
The stuff nightmares are made of
That's a giant straw
Suz and Beany are big MODIS fans
Aqua and Aura have made some new friends
Beany's in space!
No wait, it's Suz!
You are viewing images from 01/22/17 in the main gallery. This set contains 60 pictures.
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