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Laying down on the job!
Final preparations are being made for JWST to leave Goddard forever
Of course, I got yet another photo of myself with the telescope
Hey look what I found!
Is this what they moved DSCOVR in?
Goddard deer!
I stole Joe's idea for this photo
JWST's rear is pretty interesting too
The telescope is so big!
I finally got my JWST selfie!!
It's cool seeing the back of the mirrors
One can never have enough photos with JWST
Hey, get back to work!
Moving heavy objects
You can see the secondary mirror at the top
It's actually pretty tough to fit the whole thing in the camera frame
I call this "the nub" but that's probably a way more NASA term for it
NASA does cool things
JWST detail in focus, and me in the reflection
It's sometimes tough to convey scale in these photos. By using a telephoto lens and backing way up, photographic compression makes it easier to see
This is a HUGE telescope
This is a very popular room
Shiny details
JWST was slowly rotating and I was thrilled when it stopped in this position. Perfect for a nicely framed photo!
Side wing
Due to my distance from the telescope and the curvature of the mirror, this makes the segments look smaller than they are
Slowly tilting it back down
So much cool looking hardware
A peek at the secondary mirror
Still slowly tilting down
I just liked how this reflection looked
It's sort of hard to see, but that big white thing is the container that JWST will take to Houston
Let's try that shot one more time
Is that what it gose in?
JWST is gone!!
Well, it was fun while it lasted
I found it behind the SSDIF, but it shipped out not long after
Coincidentally, the King of Sweden was coming to visit a few days later, so they had some stuff up about Sweden's involvement with NASA
Not every day you see a Swedish flag sitting around Building 29
You are viewing images from 05/02/17 in the main gallery. This set contains 40 pictures.
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