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Vic's parents are here for the wedding, of course. I wonder how many laserdiscs THEY have.
Which side will you choose? Or will you combine them into the purple Mace Windu?
Fancy custom Star Wars ring!
The family Boruta! Also Mountain Dew.
Amanda's Mom added the production staff. What normal people would call bridesmaids and groomsmen
Michael is a-lurkin'
Vic's Dad is wondering why he has two cups
I told you we were production staff. Also, Alex was totally a bridesmaid
I made a thing
Omar is suspicious of the staffers
Bryce looks like he's about to pull a shotgun out of this box
You can't escape the gaze of Omar
It's Alex! Aka Chauncey! Aka Fig!
This is Alan's snazzy face
Omar helps Alan with his tie
Omar smells the Krispy Kreme candle
Some additional guests
Just hanging around before the race
"McKeed told me the rat was THIS big"
Meanwhile, the couch has made new friends
McKeed and Madison are here!
Joanna too! The gang's all together
Topaz stood in for some practice shots
Someone let this guy in
Steph's here!
Mike and Meri! It's impossible to take a photo of Mike without him turning towards the camera and making this face so I may as well embrace it
Wes and Sue are here too! And that guy again..
Alex looks surprised
How about this tent, eh?
I have no idea who this is but Amanda told me it's Vic's aunt and his cousin whose name is Katherine with a K.
More guests I don't know! (More Vic-cousins)
Michael's wife is having fun.
Bodyguard McKeed dares you to take his daughter's stuffed animal away and see what happens
Alex makes a good picture great
Here it is without a panicked Alex
Time for Vic to suit up! I think Amanda has been in the hyperbolic time chamber getting ready for months
Everyone go outside!
Jeff is legit. Getting married by a Sith lord!
Amanda's all ready to go!
I love the smirk. I wonder if Amanda was hearing the imperial marching theme in her head..
Vic is looking snazzy!
And also goofy
Amanda gets some last minute prep before the big walk!
I think she's ready!
Fancy dress
Vic forgot to cut these things off!
Vic waits at the end of the aisle
Is Alan.. taking a selfie?
Hello, guests!
Dunn dunn dunn, dun dun-dunnn, dun dun-dunnnnn
That's a lot of dress to navigate, Amanda
Will Amanda remember to walk slowly so I can get more shots than this one? Of course not, where's the challenge in that?
"Here, hold this"
Let's get this party started! And by party I mean marriage. And by started, I mean sealed with Jedi blood or something.
Something about those speakers being in these shots really makes me laugh
I honestly have no idea what Jeff said because I was too busy panicking and taking photos from every angle
The rings await on the podium!
Topaz has the server under control
Take her hand!
You know, there's only so many captions you can make about something like this
A new era indeed
Does the server count as a guest?
Putting on the rings!
Now kiss
They did it!
Just walk down the aisle and then it's time to celebrate
"You know, it's not really a light saber.."
Everyone wants a picture!
The Borutas and their lovely house
Imperial Gothic?
Some aliens tried to beam Amanda onto the mothership, but Vic's mom had it covered
The lovely couple
Now kissss. Again.
Amanda selected "stilts" from the dropdown
Fancy Princess Leia hair
These are Topaz's special day flowers
Amanda meets with some friends. Both of whom have some spiffy space-themed items!
Is it drinkin' time? I think it's drinkin' time.
Oh it's drinkin' time alright.
Cheers, McKeed!
Mike just DOES this to me! How does he do it??
Meri displays the Mace Windu
This Mom to Mom talk makes C-3PO hold his leg and dance
Business business business, numbers.
More Amanda-guests! Fancy turquoise hair
Brett is having fun. Having fun looking like a doofus!
McKeed inspects the ring
Omar is a Mace Windu connoisseur
I feel like Brett could look like he belongs in any party photo
Alex is treated to an Alan story
Is this Omar's good side?
This was as close as I got to an amazing photo of Madison reaching for the big shiny power button on the server
More photos!
Little Amanda!
Bounty Hunter Amanda
"Did you get the shot?"
I demonstrate my beer holder
This is proper wedding food technique
Bryce looks like he's really into a good story here. Brett looks like he's into a good chicken.
Vic and Amanda get their own table
Captain Suspicious on the right there..
I see you. You see me.
Hi Omar
How Vic and Amanda ate those ribs without staining their white suit and dress I will never understand
Don't launch the cork through the tarp!
Michael double fisting some champagne
Topaz is helping
Amanda is a fan of Michael's speech
I should have photoshopped a little lens flare sparkle onto Topaz's teeth to go with this pose
Oh no! Now Vic is bounty hunter! How can this be?
Bryce thinks funny things are funny
Alex is suspicious
Swing the baby!
Mike and Meri also enjoy fun things
Bryce and his Mom!
This is Brett's new LinkedIn photo. He's the CEO of LinkedIn
Joanna and Madison
"We cutting this thing or what?"
The cake was in a corner so this was the best angle I could get
The top of the cake was the best
So many photos!
Those monsters got peanut butter or something on the bottom
The main party is over. Time to chill out.
Hi everyone!
Vic's Uncle and some guy in a white tux
Guests started filtering out
Vic looks stunning with his flowers
Sue checks out Vic's OJ simpson football
I have no idea what was being said to me here but this is a face that I make
Brett took these and I just included them to show that sometimes I also have fun at things!
Guess who took this photo
Relaxing in the other room
Time to actually sign the paperwork
Topaz says he didn't resist but we all know that I completely kicked his ass.
I'm a witness!
So is Alex! Good thing they had the two guys who don't go by their give names listed as witnesses..
Well that was a blast. Congrats, Vic and Amanda!
You are viewing images from 05/04/17 in the main gallery. This set contains 139 pictures.
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