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Chris Carberry from ExploreMars introduces the conference
I tweeted to get on the live-updating TV. Eventually they had to start hand picking tweets since some trolls figured out the hashtag
Artemis is a cool name
Hey that's my boss!
Bill Gerstenmaier! He's in charge of all of human spaceflight
Hi, Gerst
Our host for the panel
I obviously sat in the front row
Talking about international space efforts
My seat is the one with the hoodie on it. Shortly after I took this photo Buzz Aldrin sat down in the seat to my left. Earlier he sat where the guy in the black jacket is sitting
Turns out you need a lot of companies to get to Mars
It's time for Dr. Aldrin himself!
Buzz shows off his famous shirt
That's a pretty cool nametag
Buzz Aldrin gets into his speech
He's a pretty short guy. All the early astronauts were but he's also in his 80s now so he's shrinking a bit
He knows how to hold the attention of a room
Hi Buzz. Would you like to come meet my cat named Buzz?
Dr. Aldrin was here to talk about his Mars Cycler concept. A somewhat elaborate plan for human Marsm issions
Look out! Buzz Aldrin is coming to get you!
Buzz Aldrin's speech was a little nuts, but it was hard to not be in awe just listening to him
I wasn't able to get a photo with him, but I sat next to him for hours and shook his hand. I'll take it!
Staging on Phobos, eh?
Nice paracord
Buzz has a lot of wrist and finger decorations
He kept pointing at us
Oh Buzz. What have you done?
Oh no. Oh Buzz.
Just to cap it off, let's see that shirt again
A bunch of companies talked about their Mars plans. I won't burn any bridges, but some were essentially "What's a Mars?" SpaceX was pretty cool though
Buzz got up to ask a question after he was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME
You are viewing images from 05/09/17 in the main gallery. This set contains 31 pictures.
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