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I've passed this place countless times and always kept in the back of my mind that someday it would be my turn to visit it. I took no photos of the wake or funeral. These are from the reception.
Uncle Michael, the eldest, gave a speech. My mom captures the day's feelings pretty well
I was happy to see that there were still some smiles. After all, it's rare for this much of the family to get together at once.
Aunt Teresa
Greg and Johnny
Uncle Brian and Uncle Stephen
Aunt Kathy
Aunt Anne, Gragra's sister.
Caitlin's daughter Juliet did a great job injecting some joy into the day and reminding us that life continues
Good job trying to intimidate my camera
Uncle Stephen, now a grandfather, having fun with Juliet
Caitlin demonstrates my cat wrangling techniques with Juliet
Where's Mommy??
Hi there
Smile for the camera
Just a couple of cool cool people
Hi Branagans! Sorry for the low photo quality, it was pretty dark in here
Becky can always spot a camera
Such a stinkface!
Juliet and Becky
Kate came by to pay her respects
Aunt Kathy will kill me for posting this but I liked Becky photobombing the background
I felt bad for not making a point of saying hi to Aunt Anne. She passed away a few months later.
Uncle Brian spotted me
Uncle Brian and his cousin David. I'm not sure what that makes me and David. I'm bad at family trees
Taking Juliet for a walk
Uncle Michael and Aunt Teresa
Aunt Diane
Uncle Peter
Telling stories on the couch
This kid is going to have a very different relationship to technology growing up than I did
Siblings telling stories
Gathering near the bar
Told you we could still have a few smiles
Uncle Peter somehow ended up with these heavy flowers
Well.. now what
This is how I left the group. A strange quantum state of grief, joy, and some ethanol for good measure.
Sorry I can't stick around, I've got a plane to catch!
Remembering others who sat on this bench..
You are viewing images from 05/30/17 in the main gallery. This set contains 41 pictures.
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