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Hey it's that place we're at
Big CNC machine
Lots of awesome machining equipment in here
Various examples of the impressive work they do here
I'd like to play with this thing
I don't know what this is but it's neat
Shreds of metal
This looks intense
Machining tools
Grinding away
Haas! Formula 1 and CNC machines
I was advised not to touch the shavings
Gotta kill downtime somehow
This is a neat room
They make lenses here!
So are you! Also, can I have some coffee?
Wandering around in the Building 29 basement
Uhh... this pipe makes me nervous
This looks like the circuit breakers in Jurassic Park. Pump the flat gray handle..
I think this might be excessed
After working with software so much it's interesting to see how much specialized equipment is required to do something physical
This is a really cool status panel
Controlling the Space Environment Simulator
I have to wonder if a monitor would be more configurable but less reliable than this
Gotta keep that chamber rough
There are all sorts of workspaces at Goddard
More excessed equipment?
Going back upstairs
These look like pressure domes!
This is the outside of the Hubble simulator. We couldn't get in
See? Hubble simulator
Pressures are scary
This doesn't really come across in a photo but a lot of mist was spilling out here. Not sure if that's normal
Back in the giant centrifuge. Always makes me a little uneasy
There's less equipment in here than last time!
So many missions
Big ol' nitrogen tank
This is a hydraulic driver of a massive speaker used for acoustic testing.
These quotation marks are worrisome
I don't know if this is just for looks or if they're actually practicing moving WFIRST around
Nice doorbell
You are viewing images from 06/29/17 in the main gallery. This set contains 42 pictures.
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