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What the hell is this monstrosity??
Learn how to make pizza! Or the scary mascot will get you!
Under the bridge
Classic NYC. Yuck.
Yeah this pretty much sums up the city
Formula E!
Suz wants some merch!
We got here a little early. We misunderstood and thought there was a track walk. There wasn't. So we had some time to kill
How they capture the race sounds!
Race helmets
Close up with a Formula E car! Or at least a realistic model
Fancy wheel
Front wing
This is apparently how they ship the cars
Ahh, yes. Battery powered vehicle
There were driver bios all over the place. This one had a typo! Also, The Rock is great
The flags!
Whoever drew this is confused about what Formula E is
Another F-E car
Oh I'm ready
Food trucks!
The EJ! I never actually saw him
Time to do the weird pre-qualifying thing
Lucas Di Grassi!
All the drivers are just right there! It's pretty cool, actually. I almost certainly could've walked up and talked to some
Suz snaps some shots
Jean-Eric Vergne! He was a Formula 1 driver when I first started watching
"Check out this ping pong ball"
Lucas Di Grassi is pertty photogenic
Felix de Costa!
Human vision is weird. If you zoom in you can barely see anything. But zoomed out it's not so bad
Suz loves lemonade
Formula E cars on the track!
Di Grassi zooms by
It's awesome to actually see the cars on the track
A model of the future roborace cars
They were designed by the guy who designed the vehicles in Tron. I think it's a bit much
Big fancy wheel
The rear looks like something out of a video game
Suz's hair is trying to escape
Look at the lens, Suz!
Suz is #1!
Oh wait, nevermind
Track mashalls!
Funny little RC car
Not exactly the most lively concert
Suz is all about this cooling mist
Trying to find Suz's friends
You're not allowed to stop and take photos on the walkway so you have to be quick
Adam Carroll's name lends to a funny abbreviation. "CAR"
Nelson Piquet Jr! A notorious career in Formula 1, but doing quite well in Formula E!
It's tough to capture how quickly they corner
The Mahindra cars have a great livery
Daniel Abt!
You can see how the bottom-left is lower as the car is wrestled through the corner
The view from our seats. The jumbotron was helpful
Speed racecars
We found Suz's friends! And they love solar panels
Another quick shot from the walkway
It was absurdly hot. Suz tries the "water in the hat" trick
Soon it will be lights-out!
It's the roborace prototype car!
Heyyy, the self-driving car has a dude driving it! It's just for calibration though
The roborace driver is out, and the car is about to do a lap on its own!
Now this is more like it! The grandstands are full and it's time to race!
The starting grid. From the side you can see how far apart they are
Fighting over the corner!
These guys had a great view
Felix Rosenqvist speeds by. He's the guy I decided was my guy. So of course he had all sorts of problems
Suz arbitrarily chose Sam Bird, who of course went on to win!
Rosenqvist has damage! Also it's tough to focus through a fence!
That blur is a car!
Decent turnout!
Peeking through the fence hole
Debris on the track! Safety Car out!
Nick Heidfeld's car goes for a ride
Suz had fun. And got a free hat!
And this is what I came home to
My own speed machine is wounded!
Hey cool, the brake rotor
Towing to the tire place
The culprit
You are viewing images from 07/16/17 in the main gallery. This set contains 87 pictures.
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