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Jon looks pretty excited
Tim looks actually excited
Jeremy is wondering if he should've brought his sunglasses like Carl
Gabe has some seriously impressive sideburns
Hey it's Jon's Dad! Long time no see
Well aren't you a fancy boy
Jon looks so caught off guard
Practicing the ceremony
The bride to be, Becca
Tim playing with.. I dunno, a younger cousin?
Jon's parents! It was fun seeing everyone again after so many years
Many photos were taken
Practice makes perfect?
And then the ring?
Hey kid, you got a ring?
The ring transfer
Becca's bridesmaids
Ha, what's that look?
"We did itttt"
Well that was fun
Practicing leaving
Practicing coming back!
Gabe with his bridesmaid
Tim's got TWO bridesmaids
Some of these photos are hard to caption. I dunno, what's next?
The couple was so casual. Not at all nervous
Beer time!
Carl samples the beer
Lens flares are neat
Oh captain my captain
It was great weather for a trip down the Mississippi
Big bridge!
I need one of these for the podcast
Time for speeches
Jon loves speeches about him
Jon's Mom was having fun at least
Tim was super into the "bride or groom" trivia game
Oh no! Shouldn't you know this question, Tim?
Natalie ran the trivia question
Tim is victorious
Jon was very enthusiastic to confirm stories Natalie was telling. As is clearly visible
More trivia!
"Groom" seems to be the popular vote
Tim says "bride"
Hahaha, oh Jon
And then singing happened!
They sang Becca's life story. It was something else
Lots of people were involved
Becca's mom lead the charge
The couple watched the song unfold
It was quite a production
Props and everything
And then we held hands?
Heading back up the river
This big wheel is neat
St. Paul! Or Minneapolis. I can't tell them apart
Afterparty in the lobby!
You are viewing images from 07/28/17 in the main gallery. This set contains 61 pictures.
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